Monday, October 31, 2011

You does know how to wukk up?

Okay, so as you know, today was my first day of school here on the island, and it was...interesting. Of course the culture is SO off from the American one, but its not even that that made today so very odd.

So, at the beginning of the day, I met my teacher and stuff; he's cool. He's not really my teacher, but he's almost like a homeroom teacher, so he takes attendance and whatever, and then we go to our other classes, or our teachers come to our homeroom class. I don't really get it, but I guess they've got their reasons. So we had history and then math; that was an experience in and of itself. My math teacher was very nice to me, but in the same breath, she was about ready to bite off people's heads. I'm guessing that I was spared the craziness because (1), I'm new and (2) I am really well behaved and get my work done in time and properly. In fact, when she saw my work, she said "wow, for an American student, you are doing really good work. You know, many of the others are slackers and complain all the time, but you are doing a really great job." I was flattered and offended at the same time. Sure, yeah, thanks for letting me know that I'm doing well so far, but what does it mean that I do good work for an American student? I mean, ouch.

Anyways, we went to our first break and had lunch and stuff, and after having TERRIBLE pizza, I headed back to the homeroom area with this girl that I met. She's already referring to me as her "new best friend." We've just got A LOT in common, 'tis all. But yeah, I got back and I'm meeting new people and talking, and here comes this guy who, like the rest, introduces himself, but then asks me where I'm from. So then I said, "oh yeah, I come from 'such and such' a state" (yeah, that's for all you stalkers out there) and he goes "Oh really! I was born there," and then out pops this other guy saying, "wow, that's your pickup line?" I was, at this point, extremely confused, but then the guy I was talking to blushed. Then the other guy said to me, "He likes you." and he's all, "whatever; your a loser, Bob." (I didn't catch his name, so I'll call him Bob), but yeah, at this point I was like, "Okay, let's go somewhere else." So we get back in the classroom, preparing for our next class, when this other guy walks up to me, asking me out for his friend. He goes, "Yeah, you see that guy over there. He really likes you and wants to know if you'd go out with him." I was once again flattered, in a sense, but I just really didn't get it. Anyway, I came back with this short but sweet response. "Too short; sorry." I mean, he was really short, but that's not even the point. (1) I don't know him from Adam, (2) I'm not allowed to date, unless I want to be shot, (3) I am actually not interested in that sort of thing; I've stopped thinking about guys a long time ago. I'd like to enjoy my adolescence while it lasts, thank you very much, (4) and finally, he's really short, like by my knees and I'm not super tall anyways. He went away, chuckling, while I stood there, disturbed by the awkwardness of it all.

So in science, we had the same teacher as our math, nothing special about that, but we then had another recess. So I hung out with that same girl (let's call her Tracy), and we went to hang with her "clique". Tracy introduced me to everyone, including this guy named "Tony", who looked especially strange since he has orange hair and he's black (not such a great mix, and I should know because I'm black as well). But yeah, we were all talking and laughing, so on and so forth, and then Tracy asks me if I go to parties. I thought she meant if I went to school dances, so I asked her if that's what she meant, but before she got to answer, in comes Tony, and he goes, "Wuh she does mean is does you know how to wukk up?" (AKA, "What she means to say is do you know how to dance 'the way we dance'") I knew this because my parents are islanders, so most of the terms weren't too foreign. I started to laugh so hard because it was just such an odd question. So I responded, "Uh, I have no idea; I've never tried and have no plans to do so," but that's not all.

Almost in the same moment, I get this tap on my shoulder, so I turned around and there is this other really small guy, and he goes, "Where have you been all my life?" Oh my god, what is it with these boys over here! So I said, "I don't know..." and it sorta went like this;
"I can't picture my life now without you."
"My name is Katrina, and you are?..."
"You're more like god."
"Okay, you're starting to creep me out..."
"You are my new girlfriend, I can see it."
"yeah, no, sorry..."
"Well, I gotta go, but I know I'll see you later," and with a wink, he was gone. I felt like I needed a Pepto Bismol; nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhe- okay, you get the point. I was super grossed out.

Anyhow, after this break was Spanish, so we headed to spanish class, but apparently, there was this teacher conference for about half an hour, so we had to wait in front of the class. Luckily, we've got this thing called a student leader. Her job is to be a complete nuisance and control everything, from your eating habits to the way you breathe; I mean, she was so overbearing. All I could hear her say was, "Don't do that, sit down NOW, be quiet, put that back, I won't say it again." I mean, and then, to top it off, she was also small and had a squeaky voice that was very annoying after hearing it so often. I just wanted to be like, "Okay, pipsqueak, PLEASE shut up and mind your own business before I drop kick you to China, but of course I'm not a violent person, and neither am I willing to get in trouble over her and her control issues, or should I say "lack of" since nobody listened to her anyways.

Anyhow, that was about it for my school day, but I've gotta say, it was LOADS of fun, besides the multiple boy harassment situations, strict teachers, annoying peers, and disgusting lunch. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and hang with Tracy and Tony again, they are really great. They actually made me feel like I wasn't even new; in fact, lots of people asked if we had already known each before today, but it sort of felt that way. I hope you guys have a great day in school tomorrow, and if you do end up having a rough day, just remember this post, and how a few hang ups didn't ruin my day, so don't ever let it mess up yours :-).

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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