Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ladies Night!!!

Hey, so last night me and my girls had such an epic hang out. Now this is my first hang out here on the Island, but I never thought that it would be so much better than an American one. I mean, my gosh. There were only three of us; Tracy (as you might remember from my "You Does Know How To Wukk Up" post), Adena, and myself. So we were there with our mp3 players and our bathing suits. So first, we danced around Tracy's room to all sorts of rap and hip hop songs, then we took some friend pics that we were fussing over, and then we went to the pool. This was where we were for most of our time. It was 8 o'clock and we were in the pool just playing around. We saw like five frogs, a couple bats (I know, eww), and a cockroach that was swimming in the pool with us (double eww). Anyhow, at that moment, with us just kidding around in the pool at night by ourselves, I truly felt... old. I mean, my parents aren't the type to allow me to go to parties or whatever like most of the other girls my age are allowed to do, and they do every Friday, so while this wasn't quite as... exciting as a real party might have been, I had lots of fun being a teenage girl. I would love to do that every Friday night, actually, but I really felt bad for Tracy's dad, who had to deal with three teenage girls who were screaming and blaring music for four hours and some. So yeah, it'll happen often, hopefully, but maybe next time at my house. But yeah, ladies night was really fun. I actually got to forget about how homesick I've been lately, or about how overwhelmed I've been at school, or even how sick I am of hotel food. Some quality time with my friends was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, all of that screaming has left me with a sore throat, but I guess everything comes with a price, right. Well, I gotta go and take a nap. That whole "sha-bang" ended at close to 10, after a long day, so now I'm even more tired. I hope to get to you guys again later this week! Happy Blogging!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost at Sea

So I originally was going to write that chapter story for my teacher, but after I saw how amazing this story was, I've decided to post this instead. I just wrote this story called "Lost at Sea", like two seconds ago and I love it. It is a similar concept to hat I was going to write, but this one is just extremely intense, I guess. Anyhow, before I start rambling, here is Lost at Sea...

As I opened my eyes, everything was a blur; the only thing that I could clearly sense was the siren that was blaring. I rubbed my eyes and found myself in a small room on a bunk of some sort. There were other girls frantically running, one of which pulled on my hand, urging me to follow everyone. 

I was in such a deep state of confusion, but I allowed myself to imagine that all of this that was occurring was real, so I leapt down from the bunk and walked into the hallway. There were so many people in such tight quarters that I started to get claustrophobic. “Where am I?” I asked myself. Pushing through the crowd and confusion, I stopped at a diagram on one of the walls. It said:

The Marine Youth Ship
The Marine Youth Ship (MYS) is our brand new ship for the Oxmond Secondary School’s science program. This voyage will last two months out at sea, where students get hands on experience out here on the deep blue.
This was definitely not making sense. What was the “Oxmond Secondary School”, and why was I here on a ship. My thoughts were disturbed by a loud voice. When I listened closer, I noticed that there was someone talking on an intercom. “Hello students; we are experiencing some technical difficulties here at the MYS command centre. All of our forms of navigation have been compromised, and therefore, we seem to be lost at sea. 

Lost at sea. That seemed to be the worst thing that I could ever hear at a time like this, and I wasn’t the only one. Everyone responded in their own way; some started pacing, while others started to cry. Some of them even got angry, starting random fights throughout the crowd. I just knew that I had to get to the bottom of this, and quickly. 

Looking around the hallway, I noticed that there was no way that I was going to be able to get any farther than back to the room that I had come from. I hustled through the people, and when I got back to the room, there was this girl sitting on the floor, writing something. I slowly approached her. Bending down, I asked, “What are you doing?” She looked up at me; “You heard what they said. We’re lost at sea, and they don’t have any way of getting back on track. So, I’m writing a letter to my parents, just in case this all goes downhill. At least they’ll have a few of my last thoughts.” I looked into her eyes. “But don’t you have any hope at all that we’re going to get out of this thing?”
“This isn’t a dream. You can’t just pinch yourself and this just go ‘poof’ and it all disappear.”
“Maybe not,” I replied, “but what I do know is that we can at least see if we can help. I’m Katrina. You are…”

I smiled at her, hoping that she’d agree to come help me out. Now, at this point I didn’t have any plan whatsoever, but I was willing to do anything to find out what was going on. She then took me to a map. 

“This is a diagram of the boat. Its command centre is just on the deck below us. If we squeeze our way through, we can get there.” I rolled up the map and we headed out. Things had gotten a little louder since the last time I had made it out there. Everyone seemed anxious to know what progress was made. We even saw some other groups of girls headed in the same direction, probably wanting some answers, too. After about five minutes of pushing and shoving, we got to a stairway. At the very bottom was an iron door, which Lydia had told me was the door to the control centre. There was a green button to the left of the door; when I pressed it, a buzzer sounded and someone came to it. They slid open a little hatch and all that I could see was their eyes. By the look of them, they were as worried as we were.

“Um, hello. I’m Katrina, and this is Lydia. We were wondering if we could help out.” The latch clicked closed and we thought that they had rejected us. Just then, the big wheel on the door started to turn.

“We can use all the help that we could get.” A tall, light skinned man ushered us in and closed back the door. There was a long, oval shaped table in the centre of the room where about 15 people were seated at. It was littered with books, laptops, papers, pens; you name it. It was obvious to me that this problem was bigger than they described it on the intercom.
“So what exactly is happening?” Lydia asked, leaning on the edge of the table.
“Well, we are a little more than lost. We are all in a lot of danger and if we don’t get off this ship now, we way all die.”
“What happened?” My heart started to flutter in my chest to where I felt like it was going to fly away.
“Our engine fuel has leaked and we are afraid that it’s going to burst into flames.”
“So what can you do?”

I glanced around the room, not believing what I was hearing. This ship was just minutes away from exploding into flames and they didn’t have any way of saving us? I felt like I was going crazy. Why was I here, and of at times, right before something as fatal as this? My heart dropped, but then I saw the countdown. On a big screen on the far end of the room was a clock that was running backward. When I noticed it, it was at one minute. I looked over at Lydia, who had also seen it.
“So we’ve got one minute left?” Lydia held her head in disbelief. Everyone else in the room started to hold hands.
“No, no, no! This isn’t happening right now.” I couldn’t believe that they were just willing to give up like that.
“There is nothing we can do, Katrina. There’s nothing… nothing at all,” and with that Lydia got on her knees and started to bawl. I glanced over at the clock again. This time, it read 20 seconds; I got down to Lydia’s level. She then shoved a piece of paper in my hands.
“What’s this?” I inquired.
“Go, Katrina. Before it’s too late!”
“Wait, where am I going?” Before I could hear her response, we saw a fiery, orange cloud and in that split second, Lydia pinched me. When I opened my eyes, I was in my bed at home. I had beads of sweat dripping off my brow, and I was clutching the bed sheets. Once I gathered myself, I took a deep breath.

“It was all a dream.” I laughed to myself, at how na├»ve I was to think that any such events could ever occur. As I got up from my bed, a crumpled piece of paper dropped at my feet. My heart stopped. I stood there, starring at the note. When I finally bent down to get it, I saw a red heart drawn in the corner. Once I fully unraveled it, sure enough underneath the heart was the name Lydia.                                                         

Love Always <3, 
Katrina Lowell

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Music Daily for the Month of November

Ah, November; the month of Fall and Thanksgiving... or rather the month where beats fall and we give thanks for the music that is electronica. You guessed it; this month's music daily is dedicated to dance music, dubstep, and so many other contemporary styles of electronica. You should look out for the "Kings of Party Rock", "The Red Haired One", and even some videos of dancers that allow the music to flow through their bodies "Nonstop".  So stay tuned to find out who those people are this month, on Music Daily.

How To Smile

To smile you have to feel something.
Something funny or happy
Something beautiful
or so gruesome
that it makes you laugh from everyone's reaction around you.
You can laugh at an expression
or a stupid saying or song.
Then when you see or feel
the corners of your mouth slowly rise.
Your teeth might show.
Your gums might too.
Your lips might curl up and you might laugh at the same time.
Guys might stop and pull a Bruno Mars
And sing "and when you smile the whole world stops and stares for awhile."
or they might just stop and stare.
Anyway to smile just think about some thing
Then just let your mouth curl up
and grin!

-Amber White

Now, in the midst of not blogging myself, I forgot to post up some more of my BFFL's poems (shame on me), and to top it off, the website that she posts them on wasn't allowing me to see them without having a log in, so I pretty much cracked her code and all (don't tell her), but I found this, which is her newest. I liked it because it shows how talented she is in her portrayal of feeling. I'm no poet, so don't expect me to use any other fancy, artistic words, so it was...nice. Love ya, Amber!

Excuses, Excuses...

Okay, so I know you guys that follow my blog are going "tisk tisk" right now, but I am really sorry that I haven't gotten back to my blog. I miss writing, so I'll try my utmost to get to my blog at least once a day. That being said, I have been extremely consumed with school life, to be honest. I mean, I wake up at 5 AM (yes, that's five in the MORNING) to get ready for school, go to school for six hours, then go run a couple errands with my dad, and then by the time I finally get home, it's like 4 o'clock, I've got homework, I'm sweaty, and I'm exhausted. So yeah, I am being eaten alive, pretty much. What actually prompted me to blog today, besides my lack of homework and missing you guys so much :), is that in language arts class today, we were asked to start a narrative. I was so happy because there is this story that I've been thinking about that I really wanted to write, so I start planning it out, and then she tells me that it's a short story, meaning up to two pages, typed. I was so disappointed, but then that pretty little light bulb in my head turned on and I was all, "hey, maybe I can write it anyways, along with my short story, and give it to her as a contribution to the class." Then that little bell in my head went BING! telling me that I could even post the whole story here for you guys to read. Now, obviously it would have to be in parts, but at least you won't have to wait on me to figure out what to write for each chapter since it would have already been written. In fact, I could post a chapter a day if you guys wanted me to. That reminds me, "Beautiful" has been on pause, but I will definitely get another chapter out by the weekend, especially since I left on such a suspenseful note; I'm even brimming with excitement, waiting on myself to figure out what happens next. Anyhoo, yup-per, those are a few things that I wanted to share with you guys, reassuring you that I haven't abandoned you, so please don't give up on me :-(... Just kidding, but seriously.

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell