Monday, October 24, 2011

11.24.11- Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz"Out Of My Head"

Hey guys; it's Music Daily time, once again, so anyways, today's song is a favorite of mine by Lupe Fiasco, "Out Of My Head." The song is just the typical "girl, you pretty, and I'm famous, so you must like me, so you are now my girlfriend" sort of rap song, without the arrogance of Kanye West. But yeah, sure Lupe Fiasco is no B.o.B in my eyes, but he's really humble and smart when it comes to music, and so I have no qualms with having one of his brilliant songs on my blog. Anyhow, I'm talking so much about Lupe instead of the song itself. It's just got a nice beat, great chorus, terrific lyrics, and altogether a great package. Now, what I may NOT like is the fact that Trey Songz is in it. He's great and all, but there is nothing about him that stands out to me. In fact, he reminds me COMPLETELY of Chris Brown. I mean, I look at the music industry as sort of a monopoly game. You put your money on a lot of land because it's worth such and such amount of money. If someone lands on it, they are forced to pay up to you instead of buying the same lot of land and also making a profit, right. In other words, once there is a certain artist that has already made it big in the industry, you shouldn't be able to just continue and make a clone of that person and make money off of it, too. But that's how I would have it; first come, first served. Now, Trey may not have the bad rep that Chris has, but he does have less talent, so we'll see how long his career lasts; I'm curious to find out. But anyhow, the song is great, and after hearing it, I can't get this song "out of my head" :-).

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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