Tuesday, October 4, 2011

11.3.11- B.o.B ft. Lil' Wayne "Strange Clouds"

Welcome Back to Music Daily. Today's song is "Strange Clouds," a new single by my one of my favorite artists, B.o.B. He has named this his main song on his new album which is approximately 90% finished. When I saw that he released this song, I was so excited. I have been waiting for some new songs of his to come out since I memorized every song on his last album, "The Adventures of Bobby Ray." I haven't spent enough time listening to it, but from what I remember from hearing it once, the song is lyrically genius (as what would be expected from B.o.B), catchy, and it's got Lil' Wayne on it. Enough said. Well, that pretty much sums up Music Daily for the day, and I hope you catch some Strange Clouds today. Follow B.o.B on his website (bobatl.com) or on his twitter (bobatl@twitter.com) to check out his progress on his new album "Strange Clouds." Happy blogging!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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