Sunday, May 25, 2014

Perfect EYES of Mine

I am not perfect. I hurt. I sin. I laugh. I curse sometimes. I try. I fall. I win. I lose. I love. I lose some more. I hate. I cry. I sigh. I breathe. I smile. I remember. I fake a smile. I talk. I ignore. I shun. I fall into hypocrisy. I sing. I write. I lie. I cheat. I dream. I often live the nightmares. I reach. I touch. I hold on. I let it slip. I hurt again. I sin again. I try to laugh again. I curse at the cycle. I try to be positive. I fall downnn. I finally win. I lose again. I love. I lose that battle. I hate him- I hate me. I cry to ease the pressure. I finish it off with a sigh. I breathe again. I smile for real. I remember him. I fake a smile this time. I talk to them. I ignore him. I shun the world. I fall into hypocrisy, hating a world that made me. I sing to give my feelings a melody. I write to give my feelings a voice. I lie when I say it's okay. I cheat myself out of happiness. I dream of Revelation 21:4. I live the nightmares of 2 Corinthians 12:7. I reach for religion. I touch His hand. I hold on. But then... again I let it slip- for I am not perfect.

I am Katrina. I hope I'm beautiful. I know I'm intelligent. I know I make mistakes. I know that I try. I know that God has a name. I hope that he can remember mine. I know that he will remember mine. I can see my faults. I love easily. I love honestly. I love in order to be loved- to feel loved, rather. I fall hard. I feel broken. I feel broken. I get up. I get up. I get up. I fall back down. I feel BROKEN. I know that I'm not. I let go but... I remember. I get frustrated. I want to move on. I want to be happy. I want to scream. I want to smile. I want to hold a hand sometimes. I want to know what "un abrazo fuerte" is- not just in English, but a universal language. I want "besos" in the language of love. I want to feel something. I think I feel it sometimes. But... that was lust last time I checked- for once again, I am not perfect.

I see. I hope. I dream. I read. I note. I laugh. I'm me. I still hurt sometimes. I still sin. But I try, and I'll win. I pray. I succeed. I have faith. I believe. I cry. I wish upon shooting stars. I talk to the moon. I envision. I live. I learn. I apply. I write. I bleed- ink. I anchor- sink. I stress- drink. I re-think. Orange juice and Malibu engulf my mind. I finally see clearly through that empty glass and guess what I find-

I am Katrina, imperfect, but it's fine. Why? Because life- I see it through these perfect EYES of mine...