Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Clarification for Snakes and Field Mice Alike

Ok Readers,

So of course Miranda and the snakes read my post because... well, they can't help themselves. I think that most of them got the point and some of the others were just way off the ball, and that's why this post has come into existence.

The purpose of my last post, as I said at the end of it, was not to put anyone on blast because at the end of the day, this blog is where I share my life experiences; therefore Mason, Saphania, Miranda and the Snakes just so happen to come into play because they are the ones that I have encountered so far in my school life. I mean, I had one of the girls that hangs out with Miranda (really sweet; her name is Rachel) come to me and apologize for anything that she may have done to hurt my feelings and she wanted to make sure that  didn't hate her. A misunderstanding like that makes me write these posts. Just like how I completely misunderstood ZZ Ward's music video making skills, right? Anyhow, I want to first commend Rachel; she is who I would concider a true Lowell Soldier. She was confident enough to go out of her way to make sure that 1. she didn't offend me and 2. that I didn't feel negatively against her. How much you wanna bet that Miranda and her snakes weren't fond of this idea? How much? I mean, Miranda was close by and I could literally SMELL the discontent, but you know what? I told Rachel just what needed to be said:

First of all, I have nothing bad to say about you. In fact, you are nothing like the snakes that I spoke about. You know why? Because you have a strong enough personality to make your own decisions about who you want relationships with and for what reason and I respect that. The snakes are the complete opposite and that's why they have had such a heated reaction to my post; they know who they are and so they are either ashamed for what they look like to everyone else who sees how they treat me and they just don't want to show it, or they are infuriated because it was so easy for me to find them out. You, on the other hand, knew that you didn't match the description of a snake and still apologized, and I respect that to the fullest. Now, as for hatred, I can't hate anyone. I mean, hey; I'm human. Of course I feel that fire in my belly sometimes and just want to release the anger, but I'm better than that. I am way too busy and I have too many goals to achieve this year to focus on something as hideous as hating on someone else. I leave that for the snakes and them who have nothing else to do but hate. They obviously don't have hobbies, they don't focus on their grades (and that's why many of them failed five out of 12 subjects last year), and they don't have the joys of having a life to keep them occupied, so I let them do their thing. I give them something to do, I mean, I feel bad for them. All in all, though, I am trying to promote a worldwide revolution, even if it's one girl per continent, that encourages the strength and assertiveness of females. The confidence to know that there's at least one other girl out there that is backing her up until the end. That imaginary "hand-in-hand" image where even in the most heated of battles, a girl can close her eyes and trust that the Lowell Militia is there for her. That's what I want more than anything right now. I swear, if you told me that I would have to give up every audition coming up now and in the future, give up my IPod, give up anything that I look forward to having just to have that dream come true, so be it. I would discard everything with a smile on my face, too. You know why? Because then someone else would find the strength inside of them to smile, too.

Now, snakes. Where did that name come from and how does it pertain to certain people? Well, here's the answer. We've been looking into American Independence in History (one of my favorite subjects) and certain things just clicked in my brain. Many bloggers relate to their readers as their nation just as the British colonies in America wanted to be seen as, right. Ok, well in order for changes to be made to make living fair for that nation, they needed to fight back against Britain. Sure they were small, but they built a militia with what the had and they stood confidently against the Red Coats and guess what? They won. Just like them, we are a rather small nation, but in order to break away from unfair situations, be it verbal or physical bullying, difficult people and any other "bullet" directed towards you, you need to be able to walk up to whatever it is, assert yourself and address the problem. There's no way to lose when you're handing your problems in a responsible, respectful yet firm way. Now, back to the snakes. The name made even more sense when I saw this:

I don't believe in war or anything, but when I saw this battle flag, it said a lot to me. It told me what the American Colonists were about and what we, as strong, respectable girls, are about as well; fighting back. Here's a little historic background for you failing history (LOL); the rattlesnake not only represents where the 13 American colonies were located in Northern America, but it was also a reminder to the British. Believe it or not, it was customary for the British to send down convicted criminals to America. Therefore, the American Colonists decided to be a little sassy and as a "thank you" for dragging down the worst of the worst to their colonies, they sent rattlesnakes to Britain. Funny, huh. Anyways, it symbolizes the persistence of the Americans in their fight for fairness within their colonies. Fortunately for them, by the end of the battle, Britain allowed them to be an independent nation altogether and now there lays America; one of the most powerful countries in the world. 

Well that was quite a history lesson, eh? At any rate, the snakes for me are the girls that are always being sent out to go against me, even when rather than sending back criminals, I send out positive vibes. They don't care and so I say, "Bring it on. I'm gonna win either way." 

In conclusion, I wrote this to make certain clarifications and I want to thank Rachel again for being brave enough to stand out and let me know of her concerns. Maybe we need a person like you to make a revolution of the snakes, LOL. But no, thanks again, really.

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

International Hellos!


So I was so intrigued by how many of you from around the world read my blog and I had wanted to talk to each of you guys in your own language. With the help of Google Translate (thanks guys), I present to you... International Hellos.


Hello America!
Ah, my fellow Americans. How are you all? I miss the USA so much. I love how everyone is so friendly (well, most of the time), I love the American accent, I miss Barack Obama :(. It pleases me, though, to see that my country has topped the list of most views with a whopping 463 views. That is so amazing and thank you all for making my day. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my blogs and while I sometimes get swamped with the waters of life, I will always try my hardest to make it out to you guys who are dedicated to me and my blog. You all are the reason I still write...
Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell


Здравствуйте России!
Это Катрина Лоуэлл и я люблю, как это выглядит на русском языке. Я не очень много знаю о России, но то, что я знаю, что девушки, кажется, быть дисциплинированным, трудолюбивым, сильным и красивым внутри и снаружи.Я призываю вас всех, чтобы прочитать мою столько, сколько вы можете.Конечно, я признаю, я не всегда подскажет, когда дело доходит до написанияблога, но я буду стараться изо всех сил. Верьте или нет, мой первый зрительблог был из России и с тех пор у меня было примерно сто тридцать четыревидом из вашей страны в одиночку, размещение вы третий мой топ-листвзгляды. Я люблю вас, ребята, я имею в виду, ты мой международные друзья и я надеюсь, что в один прекрасный день встретить хотя бы одного из вас.Берегите себя!

Любовь всегда <3,
Катрина Лоуэлл


Grüße Deutschland!
Ich habe nicht viel Aussicht von euch, aber das ist okay. Ich weiß, es ist mindestenseiner von euch da draußen, die meinen Blog liest, so oft haben sie legteDeutschland vierte mit 60 Ansichten auf meiner Liste. Jedenfalls habe ich sehr viel über Deutschland gehört, über Ihre Traditionen, Ihre Geschichte, und ich liebe die Art und Weise Sie alle sprechen. Wie ich schon sagte, ich bin Amerikaner undwährend ich unseren Akzent und unsere Sprache lieben, ist es sehr spannend,eine andere schöne Dialekt einmal in eine Weile zu hören. Jedenfalls haben ein großartiges Jahr, Deutschland, und ich liebe meine schöne Fan (s), wie enge Freunde. Lesen Sie weiter! :)

Liebe Immer <3,
Katrina Lowell

United Kingdom

Hey guys!
I remember that a while back you guys were topping the charts? What happened? You guys are fifth with 41 views and I'm super sad, ya'll... depressed actually. LOL, just kidding, but I really encourage you guys to read, read, read. Share the blog with teachers, classmates, friends, family; anyone you know might enjoy as much as you do. 463 views is the one to beat; show America that you know what it means to be a soldier in the Lowell Militia; hahaha. Take care!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

Now, I've got wayyyy more countries to go, but those are the list of my top five. Stay tuned for the continuation. Who knows; your country might be next...

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

Try Me- I'm Ready This Time...

So I'm back in school and I'm so glad to be with my friends again, learning new things and just settling back into the groove, right? I already explained to you guys how I plan on dealing with this new school year and the idiots that jump out of the bushes every once in a while as well. So imagine my excitement when I finally get to put it into play. Check out these experiences:

Ok, so I'm hanging out with my friends during our lunch break and we are laughing hard (as always) and out if nowhere, this chick named Mason (as I'll call her) and her friend Saphina (also a fake name) come and push right through me, ON PURPOSE, and start conversing between themselves like nothing happened. Everyone stopped talking and I turned to the girls and said, "have you any manners? Don't touch me again." She then had the audacity to go "touch!" and laugh as she touched me. What she didn't expect was for me to grab her as hard as I could, push her off and say, "I DARE you to touch me again. I'm not about that this year. Watch your step." She then had her words about what school I'm not at because I would get beat up and all that crap. I knew that she was running her mouth because she had gotten embarrassed by what she would consider to be a loser (LOL). It's okay, because I've still got the "zenity" (my own made up word for all y'all that were about to grab your dictionaries or open a new tab in Google to look it up ;). It simply means being zen; cool and collected) in my blood.

Watch this though; they came back to me to apologize for their actions approximately 2 minutes later. You know what that told me? My new year strategy was working. I don't want to be the Wicked Witch of America, but if I need to make myself clear to anyone as to what I'm about, then by all means, I will.

That brings me to my next story; Annabelle. She's a new student, also from the states and we clicked immediately. We were put into a group together a week ago in our P.E. class and I introduced myself and she seemed super nice, so I invited her to sit with us at lunch the next day and so she did. We've been hanging out now everyday before school, lunchtime and after school. She has really fit into our group and she calls us "chill" (LOL, love that phrase). At any rate, I don't know her very well, so she's not my best friend just because we've hung out a couple times, but she's an acquaintance that I'm getting to know because she seems as if she would be a very nice friend to have.

Before I move on, I must announce that Miranda is back on the scene with her group of snakes; scaly, venom injecting creatures. I've wondered if they even have minds of their own. I mean, I've had friends that don't like others, but I won't change my opinion of them because my friend feels a way about them. No! It's called being an individual and only people with weak personalities would see it differently. I don't mean that sticking up for your friend where it counts is bad, but just blacklisting someone because someone else has is pathetic. Anyhow, that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it, so... Okay, as I said before, Miranda seems to be ready for a second round because she doesn't have anything better to do besides talking about me and trying to make my school experience difficult. All I have to say is that I'm over what happened last year and as I said before, Miranda doesn't exist in my world; she's insignificant. She didn't birth me, raise me, save my life, and she's not Jesus. On top of that, she treated me like crap last year, so she's obviously not a friend of mine. That being said, Miranda only exists to me if she puts her hands on me. Any talk that she has for or about me won't phase me what so ever. Heck, she could come up in my ear with her foul mouth and I wouldn't even care, but if she somehow lays a finger on me, I'll defend myself to the end.

I brought that up because I found it interesting that after a while, Miranda decided to drag Annabelle off and Annabelle didn't tell us that she was leaving. I didn't care because Annabelle is new, so she needs to be able to hang out with various people and get a feel for them. And besides, I already knew why Miranda pulled her off and Annabelle's smart; I was sure that she'd catch on, too. After about 20 minutes, we saw Annabelle coming our way an just as I had suspected, she felt more at home with us and I knew from then on that she was going to be a sister. As I said in my last post, my friends are more like family, and she's squeezing into the family tree already.

The next few days were awkward; the snakes were starring me down and had this coldness to them. I honestly don't care because as far as I'm concerned, I've got grades to upkeep and auditions coming soon for things bigger and better than them. Therefore, they think that I'll cower in a corner because they stare at me and say nasty things. I can already feel the tears welling up in my eyes... yeah right. All it does is give me conformation that I'm really important to them. I mean, maybe that's not how they want it to come across, but I encourage any of my readers who get that kind of negative attention to make it feel like a positive one. They laugh at you because your hair is wild one day. Laugh with them; laughing is good for your heart, you know. They talk bad about you, then you're a star. I mean, don't tabloids do the same thing? Then look at what I hear-they read my blog! I was so excited that as soon as I got home I went to check my overview. Guess how many page views I got yesterday, IN ONE DAY?: 81. 81 from my Island, obviously being them, and it just reminded me that these people have nothing else to do but check up on me. That makes me feel special, LOL. As I said, just changing a negative into a positive. Btw- HEY GUYS; NICE TO SEE THAT YOU'RE BACK, READING MY BLOG AGAIN! Join my website, kay?

As for the future, I have very little to say about them. I ignore them and live my life the way I want to and I don't plan on changing anything about myself. When I look in the mirror, I smile because who I'm seeing is a talented, intelligent, optimistic, creative; beautiful girl. I am everything I've ever hoped to be and all they do is make me a better person. I tolerate them and it makes it easier to tolerate the other annoyances in life. They spread the word about me being a bad influence (which is outrageous because I actually encourage others to do good, which is in effect what you do when you're an influential person. Maybe when they can provide people with hard evidence then maybe we could talk. If only it existed... **sigh**), and it just encourages me to prove them wrong. Then I ensure that I treat everyone deserving of it with due respect, strive for first in class this term, and just let Katrina shine. Once I do that, anyone in doubt would have to see the person that I am. I'm so fun to be around and my friends and I make sure that everything that we do is light of heart and just altogether jubilant. I love who I am, so shout out to my haters- sorry you couldn't phase me.

Last but not least, a note for my readers. Be who ever you want to be and never doubt yourself because someone else makes it their life's goal to bring you down. In life, there will always be winners and losers and if you let the haters get through to your head, then you lose; that's just not fair. Even though I don't know half of you guys, when I check my stats and see all of my fans that find themselves on their computers everyday, reading about my life and actually enjoying what I have to say, I feel this warmth inside of me. A feeling of kinship, as I like to say. You know, people say that I don't have a lot of friends, that I'm not popular, that nobody cares about my ideas. But you know what, I have my hundreds of readers that live in Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, the USA, Europe, Spain, Thailand, Australia, and so many other places around the world. If all of you guys are my friends via this blog, then I am kinda popular, aren't I? Hmmm... And not popular for being anyone other than myself, eh? How puzzling...

At any rate, Fans, the whole meaning of this post was to not put anyone on blast, but to encourage you all to join the "Lowell Militia." To band together, nation to nation, and find the strength to fight back saying, "Try me- I'm ready this time... cause I ain't no hollaback girl :)"

Love Aways <3,
Katrina Lowell