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Beautiful- Chapter 5: part three

~Chapter 5~

part three-
Outside Margret's office seemed to be a riot that nobody could explain. There was nearly every student in the office, screaming and chanting. I didn't really get to hear what they were saying, but I'm sure that it wasn't anything nice. I soon saw my mom and dad arrive, and they were... shocked, to say the least. I don't know what my mom expects sometimes. She wants to be this, "Oh, lets get together and work things out in a calm sort of way" type of person when I know that that's not what's going to happen. In fact, since that morning when I saw everyone acting like idiots over Jenny, I knew that something like this was going to happen. Why? Because I'm just logical like that. Anyhow, luckily, my dad's a cop, and therefore INSISTS on walking around in his uniform, so when everyone saw him with his badge and all that, they calmed down and the true chickens ran for their classes. My mom found her way to the office where she gave me a hug and that look that says "this is why you shouldn't be getting yourself in trouble." I rolled my eyes a little, and by the time Margret, my mom, and I got settled into some chairs, the whole issue had blown over. "Well..." I chuckled. I, personally, don't like the fact that my dad's a cop because I know how bad I can be. He knows it, too, so he's always exposing me to this and that and telling stories that always end in, "... so you see why you need to behave, Trina?" But, for whatever reason, at that moment I felt proud that my dad was a cop; whether it's that he cleared the crowd or that he was there to cover my butt when I needed him to. So then, he came in and took a seat while the "Jenny crew," as I like to call them, sat outside until Margret called them in, but I guess Margret wanted to do some discussing or whatever. "Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell; I'm glad to see that you guys were able to make it here, craziness and all." She seemed a little riled up by the whole situation, and therefore, started her tapping of the pen. Great.
"Well, yeah, we just want to make sure that Katrina starts learning from her mistakes and taking responsibility for her actions." My dad looked over at me with that serious face that he gives people while he's writing them a ticket or something. "I heard her side of the story last night, and it was very upsetting to me because I didn't know...well, I didn't know how to deal with it, correction wise." I looked over at my mom; were we really having this conversation right now?
"Katrina, what do you think your mom means by this?" I sat there for a while, trying to find the best words to use, when Mr. Leng came in with his notepad and pen. He acknowledged everyone and pulled up a chair. Margret filled him in and then motioned for me to continue. "Well, Um, I was bullied VERY badly when I was younger, and so from a really young age, I didn't feel like I could do anything about it, and so I had a lot of pent-up anger." At that point, Mr. Leng looked over at my parents who were whispering something to each other; "I think that after one incident of 'blowing up,' I haven't recovered. You know, these things still feel like open sores that have never healed, no matter how much I want them to." Margret motioned for me to stop. "Do you remember the incident when you feel like you first broke down?"
"Well yeah, sort of." Mr. Leng then spoke for the first time during the meeting. "Now Mr. and Mrs. Lowell, I think that I've heard enough from Katrina to where I am able to somehow understand why she acts the way that she does. I think that your daughter is having trouble moving on from this painful part of her life. Therefore, now that she's older, these things that are happening to her now remind her of things that happened then, so she seems to be reacting in a protective sort of way, as if protecting that little girl that she was who was being ill-treated." I know that everyone continued to discuss different things during the meeting, but I just felt so removed after what he had just said. I never understood why I was such a rebel sometimes, but I then noticed that I only become this "tough" figure in situations where I'm reminded of the way that I was treated when I was smaller. It just made so much more sense to me, but then the lunch bell rang. Apparently, the meeting with Jenny's crew was postponed until  the next day since the whole drama with everyone in the office took away too much time to fit them in. So, I walked out into the main hallway, on my way to my locker, when Van came up to me. "Jeez, those losers were all up in there like a swarm of bees! What ended up happening?"
"Well, you know, 'Officer Dad' came in with his baton and started beating people with it." We both started laughing. "So, Kat, I'm gonna head to lunch. Want me to save you a seat?" I was trying to avoid telling her about Brey, but I guess I had no choice. "I'm actually going to sit with this new kid today. Seems pretty cool, so-"
"Wait, you're actually being nice to someone. Wow, that's interesting." I nudged her playfully. "Just shout me when you're done eating so we could hang, kay."
"Coolio. See ya later." So I ran up to my locker and started packing up my stuff. Then I got a tap on my shoulder. Thinking it was Van again, I swiped it off and turned around, not expecting to see Brey there.
"Woah, you gonna break off my hand or something?" He was smirking sarcastically. "I just might, so be careful."
"Ohhh, here comes the scary Kat monster!"
"Whatever, dude. I'm hungry..." As I started walking towards the cafeteria, he run up in front of me."Hey, you never told me if you were gonna hang with me for lunch." He said that with a look on his face like me meant that statement to be more of a question. "Okay, sure. I've gotta go buy lunch, so just find us a table and I'll be there in a sec."
"Okay, cool." He walked away, looking around for an empty table while I had just lost my appetite. I don't know why I was suddenly so nervous, but my stomach started to flutter. As I went through the lunchline, I was just thinking about what to say, and what not to say. Sure, I could be over thinking this, but you never know. So after I had picked up all of my food and paid, I walked around, looking for him. I found him sitting at this one table, coincidentally RIGHT NEXT to Jenny's table. I stopped in my tracks, but then he started ushering me over, so reluctantly, I went. I sat down and looked over Brey's shoulder to make sure that Jenny didn't see me. "So..." Brey said, trying to start a conversation.
"You told me that you're from Michigan, right?" I said, trying to act casual.
"Yeah, moved here last week, actually."
"Cool; so how do you like it here?" He started to laugh, and he, once again, confuses me.
"I'm sorry, but I've just got to know what that whole thing was about this morning." I rolled my eyes.
"You sure you wanna know?" Just then, one of Jenny's friends, Hayley, turned around and saw me. Then I saw her whispering to all of the other girls at the table, and then, finally, Jenny got up. "Oh my god."
"What?" I pointed behind him and then he saw her, neck brace off (how surprising) and in a short (and I mean short) skirt and a lime green tank top with knee high converse. She started to walk up to our table, Jock boyfriend in hand. I looked over to Brey. "Okay, so she REALLY hates me, and I don't think this is gonna go well, so you'd better go."
"No, I'm not going anywhere. It's cool." Jenny was now right next to the table.
"What do you want, Jenny?" She smiled.
"Oh, I don't know Kitty Kat, some revenge." I laughed. "Really, and how to you plan on doing that?"
"Maybe with a little bit of mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken, and some help from my friends." Just as I was about to question her, she took her hand from behind her back and dumped a full cup of mashed potatoes on my head. Then her boyfriend followed with milk and gravy.
"Oops... sorry." I sat there, in complete shock as the milk started to run down my face. To my surprise, Brey got up from his seat and approached Jenny's Boyfriend. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"
"Uh, is it any of your business? You aren't her boyfriend, right?" When Jenny's Boyfriend turned around to leave, Brey picked up his bottle of water and poured it all over him. He turned all red and ran over to go get some more of his football friends while Brey came over to me. "Come on, Katrina. Let's do this."
"Do what?" I asked. Then he gave me a bottle of Orange Juice. "Make it rain."


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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