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Beautiful- Chapter 5: part two

~Chapter 5~

part two-
When I finally got to Mrs. Wiry's class, she was in the middle of dissecting a sheep's eye; what a great way to start the day off, right? So, anyway, she had the sheep eye in her hand and a scalpel in the next, and as I walked in, she turned and looked at  me, giving me that nasty look that she gives to all students that come in late. Luckily for Van, she had a COMPLETELY different schedule than mine, so we only had lunch, P.E., and detention together, so she was exempt from the drama. She walked over to me, sheep eye and everything, and looked me over. "What's your excuse, Ms. Lowell?" I shrugged, but it was obvious that that was the wrong answer. "You must have been doing something; choking someone, stealing someone's lunch money, cussing someone out; I mean, that IS what you young punks do nowadays, right?" I think that you could see the steam coming out of my ears, not only because I didn't like how she was treating me today, but because she reminded me of an old teacher that I once had.


At that moment I remembered Mrs. Zelda (Z for short). She hated me, but I don't know why; I mean, I wasn't bad YET. In fact, I was a pretty decent little girl. At any rate, she used to yell at me, insult me, and just completely disrespect me in front of the entire class almost daily. I felt like I was right there in the classroom, watching this abuse unfold, with the nasty things she would say swirling around in the air, and the images of her bending down and pointing her finger in my face, reprimanding me for needing to use the restroom, or getting something wrong; belittlement. All of a sudden, this rush of anger took over me because while I saw all of these things happening, there was nothing, NOTHING, that I could do to stop it...


Because this was a normal thing for Mrs. Wiry to do, I let it go and started to head for my seat, but she stopped me with her hand. "Ms. Lowell; I asked you a question. As a student, you are obligated to answer."
"Actually, Mrs. Wiry, not be be rude or anything, but that's where you're wrong. I don't HAVE to do anything. In fact, I don't even HAVE to stay here and talk to you right now, right? I mean, after all I am, as you said it, a punk." She seemed stunned by my response, but I found it only necessary for the behavior that she was exhibiting herself. Despite what I had just said, she stopped me once again. Her attitude was so noticeable, that even that even everyone else in the room started to get uncomfortable. At this point, my patience had been worn thin and could break at any given moment. I knew this, and so I set my backpack down, just in case, so that when I knock her out, my stuff doesn't end up all over the place. She, too, put down the eyeball and scalpel, then returned to staring me down. I stood there, fists balled and ready for a fight, when she finally spoke. " I'm going to ask you ONE MORE TIME, Katrina. What were you doing that caused you to be so late today?" 
"Well, Janice, I was taking a new 11th grader to his class. He approached me while I was at my locker and gave me a piece of paper with his class number on it and I took him there, just trying to be helpful. In fact, I'm even having lunch with him today just so that he won't be alone. But, since I knew that you are so biased that you wouldn't believe me when I tell you that I was late helping someone out, I didn't even try. Can I sit down now?" She gave me a hard stare and then stepped a little closer to me; as did I. "Katrina, I know your type."
"And what is that?"
"The 'bad girl wannabes,' but I'm going to let you know RIGHT NOW that none of that is tolerated in my classroom, do you understand me?"
"No, Mrs. Wiry, do you understand ME because I just told you why I was late and you don't want to take that, but that's fine and all because I've got a meeting that I've gotta attend anyhow, so I'll just tell you with this one thing and then leave. I don't know what's wrong with you upstairs, and I don't really care, but all I'm gonna let you know is that I will not be 'tolerating' any of your disrespect anymore. This means all of your little remarks that you make throughout the class period, because at the end of the day, I don't deserve it since I don't even have to do something wrong for you to get all up in my face like you have today. I'm no little girl; I am a grown girl that can handle herself, so don't treat me otherwise. At the end of the day, I'm bigger now and can do you MUCH harm, and we both know this. In fact, I am struggling to keep my fist from going down your throat, so, to save both you and me the trouble, keep your little issues to yourself, hmkay? Alrighty Janice, you have a great day." As I walked out I saw her face get red with anger and then, as I got further down the hall, I heard a loud scream. I was actually really proud of myself, I mean, I didn't put my hands on her or anything, so I was good, right? I found out soon enough because when I got to Margret's office, she was on the phone, calming down someone and I had the feeling that I knew who. I walked in, even though she was putting her finger up at me, telling me to wait, and sat down in one of her chairs. "Yes, Janice, I know. She's here with me right now and we'll talk about it, but you need to calm down. Okay, yeah, why don't you talk to Mr. Leng?" Mr. Leng was our guidance counselor. He's cool, I guess, but I'm not one to go and pour my feeling out to someone, so it's very rare that we meet, and when we do, it's pretty much that I was forced to go there, and we usually just end up playing Monopoly or something instead of talking. Anyhow, I think that Margret's suggestion didn't sit very well with Mrs. Wiry because Margret started cringing. "Okay, yeah, that's a lot of anger that you've just displayed, I think that you should just go home. Don't worry, I've got a sub who'd love to come and do the dissection for you. In fact, take the whole week off, you sound like you need a break. Okay? Alright, Janice. I'm so sorry." When she finally got off  the phone, Margret took a deep sigh and ran out the office without even paying me any mind. After about 10 minutes, she came back and sat down at her desk with a cup of coffee. "Katrina, Katrina, Katrina..."
"Yes, Margret, Margret, Margret?" Apparently she didn't find that funny because she started the pen tapping business again.
"Why are you here? Our meeting isn't until an hour or so from now."
"Yeah, I know, but I was about ready to tear Mrs. Wiry's hair out, so I decided to come down and hang with you instead." I added a little grin for emphasis.
"Uh hu, okay. She told me that you were late. Why's that?"
"Oh, yeah, I was taking this new kid to class. 'Tis all."
"Oh really..." she seemed to become interested because she stopped tapping her pen for a sec, but soon resumed. "And what is this new kid's name?"
"Something weird like... oh yeah, Brey"
"You mean Breyson Bradey? Yeah, I met with him a couple days ago. Wow, so you actually did take him, eh?"
"Yeah, no biggy really." I smiled, and she smiled back. On the inside, I really don't think that Margret's all that bad. I can see that she believes in me sometimes, that she knows that I can be better than I act.
"That was pretty nice of you, Katrina, but before I can let you off the hook, I need you to promise me that you'll never put me in another bad situation wit Mrs. Wiry again, okay? She can be a little scary sometimes." We laughed and sat there talking for the rest of the hour, but then I remembered that this wasn't all fun and games because here came Jenny with her neck brace, parents, lawyers (yes, plural, as in more than one), and a bunch of her worthless friends. Last time I checked, they weren't invited, but then I saw Van who rushed into the office with Margret and I. "What the heck is going on?" She actually seemed genuinely concerned.
"I don't know but all I know is that it's not going to be pretty..."

Want to see what happens next?


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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