Friday, October 14, 2011

Mystic Land of Pretend

I fell
a hole to a mystic land of pretend.
There are trees over head with
the thin gossamer threads
of spider webs,
that glinted like silver in the moonlight.
The moon over head was gleaming bright
shining like a spotlight on my small form.
My emerald eyes shone the light of the moon
as I puzzled over where I could be.
"It's a dream Susan," said a voice in the trees
or was it from the onyx pool to the left of me.
Maybe it's from the carpet of pine needles
on the forest floor.
Then I heard it again
Susan, Susan!
The mystic world was blurry now,
I reached for it to no avail.
I woke up in my bed with my mothers lavender eyes staring down at me.
It was all a dream...I guess.

-Amber White

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