Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's a frog in my bathroom...

Okay, so I told you that I just moved to an Island out in the Caribbean, so a lot of the things that happen here are SO far off from what I'm used to out in America. I'm an American, but my parents are from out here, so some of the things that I freak out about they just easily brush off, but recently the island wildlife has been throwing me for a loop.

First of all, there are a bunch of African Snails, which I don't mind since I love snails. I used to keep snails as pets and stuff, so it's pretty cool to see these giant snails everywhere, but then my dad told me that some of them have these poison barbs that they shoot out as protection and now I'm terrified. In fact, if I see a leaf even resembling an African Snail, I become nervous.
Yep, it's a snail on steroids

Anyhow, that's just one animal. Then you've got the birds; we eat breakfast at this opened up restaurant at the hotel every morning which is really nice and it's on the beach, but they've got this major bird problem. At first it was cute, all the little birds trying to eat your crumbs and stuff, but then one day, they got on my bad side. I went to the buffet with my dad and brother one morning, but we decided to get the drinks first, bring them back to the table, and then go and get our stuff to eat, so I poured myself some guava juice (my all time favorite), took it to the table, and went back to the buffet. When I came back, though, I saw this tiny, fat bird sitting on the rim of my glass with his beak in my juice. I stood there, stunned, for what felt like forever before one of the waiters came over and shooed off the bird. He chuckled and took my glass, telling me that you generally have to have someone at the table at all times or you cover your stuff with a napkin. Since then, I make sure that my juice is monitored at all times.
Oh no he di-int!!!

Now, today, I've got three stories to tell. The first one is about a monkey. Now I SWEAR that they aren't Green Monkeys (They look like Baboons or Mandrills), but they say that we only have green monkeys on the island, so whatever. Anyways, our room key got demagnetized, so my dad sent me to the front desk to go and get new ones. So yeah, I walked down to the lobby, got new cards, yadda yadda yadda. Because all of this is outdoors, I could see my room already from the path leading from the lobby. In order to get to the room, I have to go down this other little walkway that has an open, grassy area one one side, and like a mini forest on the other. Before I turned onto that walkway, something told me to stop and look. Sure enough, this large, freaky looking monkey gallops at full speed from the grassy part, across the path, and into the bush. I was so stunned, I mean, I had really wanted to see one of the infamous monkeys, but at that point I was just really scared. So I continued down the path and nearly peed myself on the way to my room because I felt like I was about to get attacked by an angry monkey. Ugh...
Barbados Monkeys
They say that it's this (Green Monkey)
But to me, it looked more like this (Mandrill)

My second animal encounter today was at the restaurant again at around dinnertime. Last night when we were having dinner, we were hearing this faint meowing sound, and we just figured it was a cat up a tree or something. For me it was very unsettling because I love animals and would do anything for them, so it hurt me to the core to hear this little kitty and not be able to see if it was okay or not. Anyhow, tonight we were having dinner and my brother (who is a passionate cat lover) says to me, "Look, there's a cat." I couldn't believe that next to my dad's chair was this precious black and white cat. He hung out with us for a while, hoping that someone would drop a piece of bread, and then he ran off to another table. If that wasn't enough, here comes this other cat, this time he was a beautiful white with orange-brown and black spotted cat who was being fed by the people at the table next to us. It was just a very interesting experience to be dining with the felines.
Aww, how cute is this

Okay, so the final animal encounter that I've had so far has to be with the frog. Now I'm here, sitting on the computer, reading my blog (so what, I read my own blog! LOL, I still get excited at the end of a Beautiful post) and I decided that I need to use the restroom, so I open my bathroom door and see this dark, round, and rather larger creature in midair (mind you, I'm not wearing my glasses, so that's what it looked like to me).  I quickly slam the door shut and tell my dad that there's a flying cockroach in my bathroom. My mom had told me that there were a bunch of flying cockroaches here, and so I deduced that that was what I saw. So my dad goes in, and then after about a minute or so, he tells me, "Go in there and tell me if that's a flying cockroach." I refused since I HATE bugs and just thought that it was his way of pulling a stupid prank. So them my mom's all "well, what was it then?" and then he tells us it was a frog. A frog... how terrific. I've never seen a frog before, far less in my bathroom. Like, how on earth did he get in my bathroom? LOL, **Sigh**
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei.jpg
YOU are a very bad frog (I think it was whistling frog, just FYI)

Okay, well keep an eye out for more of my Tales from The Island posts. I'm sure they'll be often, but not an everyday thing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sitting here, writing about all of my crazy experiences over here.

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell 

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