Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fan Fiction- A Katrina Lowell PSA

So I was talking to Tracy yesterday for quite a while and somehow the topic of Fan Fiction came up. Now, not only did it come up, but she had wanted me to start writing Fan fiction. I don't know my fans, and I don't know if you guys write or read Fan Fiction yourselves, so don't take this post personally. But yeah, it will never happen. Fan Fiction is a growing problem in our generation. I mean, it is one of those things that I will be ashamed to have to explain to my children when I'm older.

Fan Fiction, to me, is just a forum for these desperate, obsessive-compulsive people (especially teen girls) to share their fantasies of being with their favorite celebrities or in a Twilight movie. NO, NO, NO... I mean, come on people! Are we seriously, as a group of educated, amazing teens, stooping to these sad, sad levels? Have some more pride in yourself. Now, me, I've read fan fiction on YouTube, and it's pretty much all the same. Oh yeah, your mom got you and your friends a backstage pass to a JB concert and you got to meet him and ya'll fell in love, blah blah blah. I find it extremely inefficient to fixate on things that have just as much a probability of happening as being able to rapidly morph into a large, Arachnid eating rhino-horse hybrid (for those of you that don't understand what I just said, it pretty much means that the likelihood of your crush (any of them, especially the famous ones) falling in love with you is very unlikely).

Besides that, I feel that writing has lost it's touch nowadays and it hurts. Once upon a time you could go online and find some really great material to read, but now most of it is Fan Fiction that is just... disturbing. Why is it that you have to fall in love with these people via a story? Isn't there anyone in your real life that makes you feel special? That gives you the same feeling that you get when you watch this person on the television? At the end of the day, I live with this one philosophy; the people that I see on the TV or the internet do NOT exist. Why? Because by thinking that these people are real, that they are so close to me yet so far makes me feel weird. So, It's sort of my way of distancing myself from what's reality and what's logical. Now, if more people nowadays would do that, they'd see that not everything is what it seems, and with that, not be too distraught when they find out some of the craziness that happens in these people's daily lives. I learned this the hard way when I was about nine. I was IN LOVE with the Cheetah Girls. I never missed the play times on Disney Channel, learned all of their songs, did all the dances, learned all the names, and I swear, at one point I knew scenes word for word. They were so special to me; they practically raised me, in a sense. What was especially bad was that I felt that these characters that they played were who they really were, but of course all of that went down the drain when the last movie was to come out. I knew that there was something wrong from the second movie when Galleria (or Raven Symone) wasn't in it because she was really off to collage. By the third movie, I heard that the Cheetah Girls were done. I literally found myself crying (and I dare not tell my mom). They were all I ever looked forward to seeing and hearing. I lived vicariously through them and I felt like their world was mine. A world where conflict was always resolved with friendship, a song, and true love, but it was all just gonna end. Anyhow, since then I've obviously got over it and learned a little bit more about the fame biz, making the decision to end the Cheetah Girls so much clearer. But, as I was saying, you can't place your personal life so close to this fantasy one to where you blur the lines and everything becomes fake. Fan Fiction is just a start of that. Not only that, what may have started off as a nice little idea has turned into an obsession littered with anger.

We all know that part of being famous means that you will have your fans, but also your haters. What you may not know is that nowadays, celeb decisions have started to lead to violence, on and offline. I think the most... outrageous thing that I have heard is that after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez started going out, Selena Gomez was threatened on Twitter by people saying that they would kill her and that she's a this and a that for taking "their man". Besides that, she even got a few girls saying that if they couldn't have Justin, that they would kill themselves and that they couldn't live with the fact that he found Selena and not them. OH MY GOSH... what is happening to our generation of teenage girls? That's why my parents are always making these crazy, way-off statements about teen girls; because these wild girls nowadays are making these statements true. I mean, why would you ever even contemplate taking your life because you can't get this boy of your dreams? Sometimes it makes me feel like maybe I'm the weird one, that thinking rationally has been boycotted from our generation. I mean, think about it; Justin Bieber, the best example because he has the craziest fan base that I've ever seen, is a 17 year old boy, I mean, gosh. And at the end of the day, when he gets older, he's gonna marry one girl (maybe two or three, ya never know), and with so many girls out there that want his love, only one is gonna be the one. They are going to have to learn that from early because that's with any guy. You know how many guys I've liked that haven't even said hi to me? Just because he says hello to another girl, I should kill myself because I'm Katrina and not Jennifer? Seriously people...

You may feel that I'm way off topic, but I'm not. These same fans are the ones writing Fan Fiction everyday, just sitting and thinking about their life with this person that is completely unrealistic. Fan Fiction is, to me, a terrible idea. Why don't you write stories about your real life, I mean, there has to be something that makes your life special. Even the smallest of things from a unique tree in your backyard to even a special talent that you have. I wrote this to remind you guys that everyone is special being who they are, living their own life. It is a Public Service Announcement that needed to be said because it is an epidemic, it really is. Now, if I was "Ms. Internet" and had control over everything, I would just ban it for good. Get rid of it, start from there and work our way up. Now, don't get me wrong, some Fan Fiction is very good, but do we really need it? I don't even think that Fan Fiction makes you feel good when you are done because for that split second you're living your dream and then you're violently ripped from it, right? I don't know and that's also why I need you guy's help. If you are a Fan Fiction writer or reader, or maybe even someone who agrees with me, leave a comment. You don't have to put your name or anything, but just to share how you feel in relation to my post would make this blog even better. Well, I hope all of you took this to heart and share it with your friends, too. Love ya!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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