Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad Boys >:|

As you can see, I have been sort of stalling you guys until I get an idea of what to write for "Beautiful", but a new chapter WILL be out this week, I promise. Anyhow, thinking about "Beautiful" got me thinking about Brey and Tony, two of the main guys in my story. So far they seem to be the stereo typical bad boy characters, but why? I mean, I HATE bad boys in real life and I'll tell you why.

Numero Uno (throwing in a little spanish for ya), they are so... arrogant. If you are someone that hopes to disgust me, be arrogant. That whole "I'm so much better than the average population, so what they say doesn't entertain my ego" sort of thinking drives me crazy. Now, don't confuse my love for Justin Bieber and Mindless Behavior as an exception to the rule. They have what you call "swag" or a modern type of class that just seems to bead off of them like water droplets on a newly waxed car (you like that description, right?).

If my dad were to read this, he'd go "well, Katrina, you are very self- absorbed yourself." How I respond to that; absolutely not. Look, at the end of the day, I am a TEENAGE GIRL, meaning I take long showers, I tend to spend hours on my hair, my nails get "did" every Sunday, I am constantly checking myself in the mirror, and I can't leave the house without my shades; case closED. But yeah, back on topic, these typical bad boys walk around in their black shades and obviously more expensive clothes acting like they rule the world. That reminds me; one time, I was in my school hallway, doing something in my locker when suddenly all the hustle and bustle stopped and the hall was cleared. I found it a little strange, but not strange enough for me to care. So yeah, I finish up and close my locker. Then, on my way to my next class, I heard this "uh uhm" (clearing throat noise), so I turned around and saw Jake. Now Jake and I went way back, and not in a good way. In fact, just a year before, we got into this whole situation because I rejected his invite out to a school dance. So anyhow, this over-confident Jerk Face has the nerve to look at me and say, "did you not see me walking down this hall. You do know that you need to keep out of my way when I'm walking somewhere; you know that phrase, clear the halls? This is one of those times where it needs to be applied."...(the three dots giving you the visual of me taking a moment for that comment to sink in). After fully understanding what he had just said, I just gave him that "dude, are you talking to me? Like, are you seriously even going there? with ME of all people!" and continued on my way; I didn't even want to waste my breath on him by responding at that point. That is what I mean by disgusting. It just gives you the same feeling that you get when you smell spoiled milk (or the bathroom in my new place, but that's a story I don't even want to get into right now). Nasty.

Second of all, bad boys do NOT seem attractive to me. In fact, half of the boys from the Island remind me of my cousin, and Islander himself. My cousin has the bad boy thing DOWN PACKED, especially in the arrogance department, but besides that, their aura just makes them look hideous to me. Even the way they ask you out is upsetting;

"Hey babe." -Let's break this into parts in MY head. I'm who's what? Did you just call me "babe"?
"What do you say I pick you up and we go to this party on Saturday?" - You best not come by my home on any day of the week trying to get me to go anywhere, especially when my dad's home because I will do NO SORT of holding back my dad when you step on his property.
**Holds your hand**- Why are you touching me? Better yet, who fooled you in telling you that I even liked you and that you could hold my hand. We are not friends, buddy...
...and those are just a few examples that come to mind.

So, as I was saying, bad boys don't attract me in any way. They just seem extremely obnoxious. Now my girl, Tracy, is crushing on this guy that is constantly being a tyrant and giving people a hard time. Now while he may be good looking, I wouldn't know because all that I can see is the way he acts. It is a HUGE turn off and I don't know how my fellow girls can stand to deal with them, seriously (BTW, if you are a girl that likes bad boys, leave me a comment explaining why, just to see if I can make sense of this ;))

I just don't know, but bad boys just crawl my skin, really. You can even see that in the way Katrina (in "Beautiful") reacts to Tony. She's so irritated the way he behaves to where she refrains from even talking to him. Brey, though, doesn't seem to be as bad boyish. He's coming out of his shell more and more and seems more like a shameless, fun-loving, teenage boy with a liking for Katrina (hint, hint for you "Beautiful" fans). So, as you can see, I try to keep my characters as far from that bad boy personality as I can unless they play a role like Tony's that is very insignificant (for now... another hint).

Okay, well that is my post for the day. 143 all... (I just learned this from Mindless Behavior; 143= ILY, or I love you).

Love always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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