Monday, December 19, 2011

11.17.11- Rihanna "We Found Love"

Okay, First of all I HATE THIS SONG!!! Now, I don't know if you guys like it or not, but all I know is that this song is just...just an epic (and I do mean EPIC) fail.

Rihanna's new song is just like the others... bare rubbish. I mean, there are a few good ones, but when we go back in time to her first and second albums, the songs were so good. In fact, I own her first three, but the new ones, I don't even spit on. I think my favorite song of all of her new ones is "What's My Name." It all ended with "Rude Boy," to be honest. It just really disappoints me because I love Ri Ri, but gosh.

Anyhow, yeah, the song is one of the typical dance ones, but they tried to make a love song out of it. The first line throws me off though. "Yellow diamonds in the light."...okay? Anyhow, I've heard it SO many times that I just want it to get bombed, for real.

Besides that, the harmonies and vocals in this are so boring. Why? Because they went and ruined this with that cheesy, anime theme song backing track. Therefore, you can't really do a lot with your vocals because then it would sound busy and annoying. Ugh...

I think that her best recent vocal have been on "California King Bed," possibly the worst song of all time. I mean, really? Whoever is writing these songs needs to get fired, QUICKLY!

And "tisk tisk," Rihanna. You are now able to pick some, if not most, of the songs you sing. You agreed to sing these songs. STOP IT PLEASE! I miss your old ones, like "P.S. I'm still not over you" and "A Million Miles Away," so please...

Okay, well I'm done now. Just so glad to finally get that out :)

(Couldn't show the video 'cuz I just saw it and it is... bad. Don't watch it either, okay? Trust me...)

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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