Friday, December 16, 2011

Beautiful- Chapter 6

"Why would you get yourself in trouble like that" I said to Brey, laughing.
"Just to make my life a little more interesting, I guess."
We were now in the Admin. Office waiting for Margret to finish talking with Jenny's crew. My hair was dripping wet since I had to shower in the locker room to get all the different lunch items out of my hair and other nooks and crannies it got into. There was a full on food fight in the cafeteria. Brey and I threw noodles, sandwiches, juice, crackers, cookies, you name it. If you ask me, we defeated all of them. Now, Jenny was crying because she broke a few nails and I had made sure that I destroyed her bleached and permed hair with some grape juice and mustard. Her boyfriend and Brey had a fight of their own, of which Brey incurred some of the "war wounds", if you will. He, also had to shower. I don't know, but in the midst of that fight, when we were covered in chocolate and mystery meat, we looked into each others eyes and I felt something. But who am I kidding; I'm a bad girl, and we NEVER get the guy in these sort of stories. Anyhow, Jenny's crew started to lead out of the office and Margret came to the door with a look worse than anything I've ever seen before. She was so upset that she just ushered us in with a stiff pull of her index finger; we got up and ran in.
"Hey Maggie. What's up?" I said in as casual a tone as I could manage. She closed back the door and walked around the desk to her chair, scraping her red-painted fingernail on the desk on the way there. When she finally sat down, she gave us both a stern look. That's when I remembered about Brey. How bad would that be for him to get detention on his first day?
"Margret, before we start, I want you to know that Brey had nothing to do with it." He looked over at me, shrugging in silence. I just shook my head to let him know that it was okay, that I was gonna handle it myself.
Margret, on the other hand, was just sitting there, no emotion on her face. Then she slowly brought out a dry erase board from her desk. She erased the remainder of what was on it and started to jot something down. Then she turned it around and showed us. It said "explain." I opened my mouth to start, but then Brey started talking.
"Yeah, Mrs., umm, I started it, actually. Well, not really. After Jenny and her Boyfriend threw food on Katrina, I got up and threw water on him. Katrina only joined in because I told her to, but it definitely wasn't her fault."
Margret got up from the behind her desk and opened the door.
"Since I don't know exactly who did what, you guys will be cleaning the cafeteria after school. Now leave my office."
"But-" I started.
"Katrina; I hope to see you at six."
"But school ends at 4," Brey said, looking at his watch.
"Yeah, but I don't think that these two groups can responsibly clean at the same time. Jenny's side will go first and then you guys." We walked out of the office and while I didn't really get in that much trouble, I was really bummed. Besides that, I was going to have to be in a lunchroom for two hours. By myself. With Brey. So many things could go wrong with him spending that much time with me. In fact, I could guarantee that after today, he would never talk to me again. I guess my thoughts were showing on my face because as we walked outside for our open period, he stopped me.
"You okay? I mean, I didn't mean to get you involved like that." He put down his bag on the school steps and we sat down.
"No, trust me, if it wasn't this, I would have done some other type of foolishness today to get myself in trouble, so don't sweat it." We laughed, but then Van started to walk towards me. Just then, I remembered that I had been so involved with the food fight that I never went out to hang with her. She will definitely be suspicious now.
"Hey, Brey. I'll catch you after school, okay?" When I got up to join Van, it was too late. She was right next to me, giving me that look like "So this is Brey..." She glanced over at him and said "hi" in an uneasy tone. I slapped her in her shoulder so she knew to stop it. He waved and after that moment of awkward silence, Van and I walked away. "Katrina... is there something I should kn-"
"No there isn't. I don't even know the guy."
"Yeah? Well you've already gotten in trouble with him. That used to be me up in the office with you, but today it's Brey?" She gave me a funny look. I brushed it off and switched the topic.
"So how's your trouble; oops, I mean Tony. It's all in the same, really," I said, laughing. She shot me a nasty look.
"Katrina, stop. You don't even know him and you're always being negative; just...don't." She seemed really frustrated all of a sudden.
"Now is there something I should know?" She, then, started to cry.
"I think Tony's gonna break up with me." I didn't know what to say, so I just hugged her and told her a bunch of lies, like that he was a great guy and stuff, to console her. Speak about an altogether weird afternoon...


After school, Brey came back up behind me when I was in my locker. "Hey, I'm gonna stay here and play some basketball 'til six. You?"
"Nah; I've gotta walk home with Van, but I should be back soon after. So we'll meet up in the gym?" He smiled. "Yupperoo." I gave him a look like "you are so goofy, dude." He ran off around the corner and I walked outside to meet Van who was in the grasps of Tony. Great. While keeping my distance in the interim of Van and Tony's P.D.A, Lucas came up to me. "Hey Kat." He was once again looking uneasy, so I decided to try talking to him again. "Lucas, is there something bothering you?" He seemed uncomfortable, so I  left it alone. "I just came to make sure you weren't walking home alone."
"Why would I be walking alo-" When I turned around to find Van, I saw her heading out of the gates hand in hand with Tony. Boy that guy rubs me the wrong way, but he sure does love her, I've got to say. I just don't get why she feels that he would ever leave her, though. Anyhow, Lucas was still there, but I guess I would have to end up staying until Margret was ready for us, so I let him know and he went on his way. I went into the gym and sat in the bleachers, watching the scrimmage going on between the guys. Brey, surprisingly, was really good; he was dunking and making half-court shots and everything. He saw me watching him and gave me a quick thumbs up. I shot some thumbs up right back to him. Just then, my phone rang. When I answered, I saw that it was Tony. "How did you get my phone number?"
"Vanessa. Anyhow, we need to talk." I was extremely confused but peeved at the same time.
"Look, I don't want anything to do with you, so you've got two seconds to explain. Go."
"I, uh, wan't to ask Van out to the dance, but I don't know how to do it or where to do it, so I wanted us to get together and figure it out."
"Tony. First of all, you two have been together for two months now; you don't need to ask her to ANYTHING; she is permanently your date to things, and besides that, it's your job as her boyfriend to figure this out by yourself. Goodbye now." I hung up on him before he could respond. Why were those two acting so weird, and why was Tony calling me over nothing. Very suspicious, those guys. Anyhow, the scrimmage had ended and the boys had all left for home. Brey came up the bleachers and sat down next to me. I moved my bag from by my feet so that he could put down his basketball.
"You're really good. You should join." He shrugged.
"I've gotta choose between this, soccer, and football for next term."
"You play all of that; wow." He laughed. "Yeah. I'm sorta a huge sports dude." I smiled. There's something about this guy...


Six came around a lot quicker than I thought it would. I never thought I'd ever see Jenny doing any manual labor, but she was there, her hair up in a tight pony tail, some baggy sweatpants, a dark blue Victoria Secret tank top, and some yellow gloves. Brey and I had changed, too. I was wearing some jean shorts and a white tank top with a long sleeve, grey plaid shirt jack on top; looking very tom-boyish. Brey was wearing some b-ball shorts and a Lakers t-shirt. Margret lead them out of the cafeteria after what seemed like another lecture. We walked in, picked up sponges and mops and started cleaning. Margret came by our side of the room. "Katrina, you should know better than to get into these sorts of things; and Brey, we both know about what happened at your old school. Let's work on not making that happen again, okay?" I looked over at Brey. Something happened at his old school? That Margret knows about? That's interesting. We scrubbed in silence for about half hour when I decided to go help Brey out with the walls. I brought over my bucket and hand towel and started working. He then, playfully, started blocking my strokes; we chuckled. Then I remembered something. "Hey, I meant to say thanks earlier today for covering me in the office. You know you didn't have to." 
"And let you get in trouble after being so nice to me? No way. Besides, I was in the wrong, so I deserved some of the punishment, too."
"What happened in Michigan?" I just had to know. The smile on his face sort of disappeared. I didn't talk anymore, just in case that was a sore spot of his. After a few minutes, he responded. "Yeah, um. I got myself into a lot of trouble over there for a lot of things. That's why I moved here. In fact... I nearly died because of my actions." I looked up at him. "What happened." We walked towards a clean table and sat down. "My dad left my mom and I three years ago. It broke her up pretty bad, but it didn't hurt anyone as much as it hurt me. I mean, he was my best friend." I looked up at him. His eyes were focused on his water bottle that he was twisting in his hand. "I... I chose to hang out with a really bad crowd that introduced me into drugs and a lot of bad things." I couldn't believe what he was telling me. "...and those bad decisions lead me to nearly overdosing a couple months back."
"You're okay now, right?" He looked up at me and smiled.
"Yeah, my mom helped me out a lot, getting me into some sports like basketball, and taking me to group sessions. I feel a lot better about things now, but I just wanted to start over, ya know." I nodded, but I was really disturbed by what he had told me. How could someone like him do all of that? But it goes to show because I hadn't even known him for an entire day yet. Somehow, in what he told me, I felt like I could trust him. It's not every day that people are willing to open up to me like that, so maybe he had put his trust in me also. Anyhow, we got up and finished off the cafeteria a little later than expected. The janitor came, inspected, and closed up after us. I hung my backpack over my shoulder and prepared to walk home when Brey stopped me. "You going home?" 
"Yeah. Why?"
" I was thinking that maybe we could go to that park down the street. I know they sell some late night ice cream." I thought about it. I mean, nobody was home, anyways, and I definitely didn't want to walk home alone. 
"Come on. It'll be my treat." I reluctantly walked over by the gate and placed my bag on the ground. "Let's go."


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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