Friday, September 30, 2011

Which One?

Its easier to back away
instead of yelling back.
its easier the slink in the darkness
instead of holding your head up high.
its easier to deal with the punishment
instead of running away.
its easier to get beaten
instead of beating back.
its easier to say yes
not no.
But which one?
which one is better?
which one works for you?
it may be easier to walk away from your fears.
but they are always there.
slinking like you in the darkness.
you become what you most fear.
you may be weak.
Its hard to be strong.
Life is hard though.
You cant always take the easy way out.
So live your own life to the fullest.
Dream your own dreams
dont take someone elses.
Climb the mountains of your fears.
And always ask yourself which one?

-Amber White
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