Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beautiful- Interlude

By Katrina Lowell


Being a teenage girl in this generation, I have had my fair share of difficulties, be it friendships or tough teachers. That being said, it's really important to grow what some may call a "thick skin", or really high tolerance for getting your feelings hurt or not having things go the way you had intended them to be. I would consider myself to be a very strong person, but one thing that I can't seem to conquer is bullying. I've been bullied in school for nearly eight years, and it's not easy. Although some of those experiences happened so long ago, they seem so fresh in my memory. What I have recently discovered is that I don't necessarily hurt within myself, but I hurt for the little girl inside me. I can remember being left out of every game out on the play ground, being told that I shouldn't be alive, and just altogether being put down. I then decided to turn to reading. Reading puts me in a different world where nothing that I was experiencing ever existed. So, because I was often having trouble during the recess times, I would walk to the school library with a book in hand and read there until the bell rang. The only problem was that my classroom and the library were on opposite sides of the school, and the walk was painful. I had kids run up to me, calling me hurtful names or saying that I was ugly; all I would do is hold on to my book and try blocking it out, reminding myself that I was only a few paces from the library. One day, I noticed that nobody was following me and I started to relax and just make my way up to the door. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a bunch of footsteps in a flurry, almost as if the person was running and just as I turned to look over my shoulder, I was pushed down into the concrete. I was hit so hard that all I don't even remember hitting the ground. I only remember having the feeling of the air being knocked out of me and me looking at how scratched up my hands were. Then when I looked up, I saw that the group of boys had kicked away my book and took off running. that has to be the most memorable episode in my mind. I just hate that when that happened, nobody was around to help, nobody was there to stop it from happening. That's why I'm writing this story. I'ts a story about a girl who walks around, trying to protect the girl that needed protecting inside while trying to figure out who she was becoming on the outside. I hope that you are inspired by this story as much as I am.


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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