Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm On Vaca, Yo!

Hey Readers :D,

Guess what? I'm on vacation! I know most of ya'll are going


but what I'm really happy about is that  I'll be able to be out of the island for a little bit. I am now back in the USA and it feels AMAZING! I need some McDonalds, Burger King, DQ, IHop, you know all of the best eateries in the WORLD.

Anyhow, besides that, I will be able to blog every day of it. In fact, I'm looking at making a vacation diary for the blog so that you guys can hear about every day's experience. I am looking forward to theme parks, American food, and family. I'm staying at my grandma's house and I love it. She has an amazing view and the neighborhood is just nice and quiet. Besides that I have a couple aunts living here, one of which has two older children, Let's call them Marcus and Melissa.

I love Melissa. I mean, she's like an adult kid and we just love spending time together and getting to just hang out like we used to. Now Marcus... he's another story. I mean, he's only a few years older than me but acts like my dad sometimes. "Katrina, stay out of my room!", "Katrina, stop being so annoying!", "Katrina, don't talk to me like that!","Katrina, don't eat my Jimmy Deans'", "Katrina!!!!" Some of my more committed readers might remember a description of my cousin in the Bad Boys >:|. He hasn't changed much, so. I mean, sure he's a little less bossy and we can actually sit and enjoy each other's company, but he still treats his sister Melissa like crap and he's still got his arrogant tendencies. Besides that, I'm happy to be back and enjoying my family.

Anyhow, I've gotta run because I would LOVE to start on the next chapter of "Beautiful" before the night falls. I want you all to H.A.G.S. (have a great summer) and keep reading everyday and take the trip along with me :).

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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