Monday, July 23, 2012

7.23.12- Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"

Hey Guys,

No, I just couldn't resist. I mean, how come Justin Bieber hasn't made it to my blog yet? Here's where I have to break the news; I'm a BELIEBER! Yes I am, Justin Foreva!

This song is just... amazing to me. It's a great transition into his puberty sound. I mean, we all remember "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl" where his hair was long, he was short, and his voice was cute. But now, Justin isn't cute; he's SWAG! He even admits it in most of the song. You know, where he goes, "I got money in my hand that I'd really like to blow- swag, swag, swag- on you." It's just all so awesome :D.

I don't get why everyone wants to hate on Biebs. I know that he has a cutesy look to him, like a little boy and his voice is getting there, but that doesn't make him a girl, ya know; In that case, about one in three boys that you know are all girls. I'm sure you still view them as boys, so don't hate.

I'm not gonna be biased for this blog. I'm going to be objective and I will say that Justin is over-rated; he is. He's not god, I'll tell you that, so when fellow teenage girls come around crying at the sight of him... well, I shake my head. You'd swear he promised to resurrect their long lost dog or something. NO! HE IS A SINGER (a rather good looking one at that), NOT OUR SAVIOR. Chillax, as I like to say it.

Anyhow, I like this song a lot. The lyrics should speak to most guys; Justin even admits it himself. This song is like a "Boyfriend For Dummies" manual, telling them everything that good boyfriends should do. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not one to give advice since I've never had a boyfriend, so hey! I could be wrong, but when I think about a good boyfriend figure, I would sum them up with this song.

To top it off, the music video is... oh so cool. He has a nice car, nice clothes, and just an altogether cool atmosphere for a music video. I love it <3 :).

Once again, don't hate; appreciate... hey, even the whales enjoy this song ;].

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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