Thursday, July 19, 2012

7.19.12- ZZ Ward "'Til The Casket Drops"

Hey Viewers,

So today I will do a song that I have recently fell in love with. It's called "'Til the Casket Drops" by ZZ Ward, and most of you know this song from "Pretty Little Liars."

I don't watch "Pretty Little Liars" (because it's just not my type of show, you know? No sort of... substance in my eyes), but my cousin, Melissa, does, so she introduced it to me. It was initially just to sing for an audition I have in a couple of months, but it quickly became a favorite of mine.

Now, I'm always telling you guys about how important the depth of lyrics are to me and so this song is perfect. She explains that it's about loving someone so much that you would die for them, and the lyrics speak to it so well. Besides that, her vocals are... so amazingly controlled. If I could change one thing about her voice it would be her diction; sometimes her words get slurred, and I'm a singer in a similar genre, so I understand how it happens and how hard it is to refine it. Sometimes you don't even realize that what you just said barely makes sense to everyone else around you, but to me it adds "flavor" to her songs, but I'm sure that if she had better pronunciation of some of her words, it would be flawless.

The music video isn't one that I love too much, so that's why I'm going to put both a live version and the music video. ZZ Ward seems to me to be more of a coffee shop singer in that a guitar and a stool is how she usually performs, but in the music video, she was deprived of both for much of the time, so when she wasn't strumming her guitar, she was standing there awkwardly and she kept bending her knees inward at an odd angle and... it was almost as if she was uncomfortable; and you know what? I think she was; she didn't look in her element at all, but I love her, so I give her an A for effort. Besides all that, though, the "Pretty Little Liars" cut scenes were not pleasing to me at all, since of course I hate the show...

Anyhow, yep, I really couldn't wait to get this song on the blog, so here it is!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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