Friday, October 12, 2012

A True Ugly Duckling Story

She had never considered herself "pretty" per say. I mean, she had kinky dark hair, a space between her two front teeth and her sense of style was... well, it didn't include daisy dukes and mesh tops. Her main asset was her brain. At the age of 11 she had an IQ of 126; an extraordinary score for her age. She was always on Honor Roll and her state test scores were amazing.

One thing that she knew was that even though she wasn't the "prettiest" according to society's definition, she was a beautiful girl within. She was hard-headed but sweet and somewhat shy. She hated confrontation, hated negativity, hated hatred. I mean, she did have her moments here and there, but in all, she was just all around pleasant.

One day a new student was introduced to her art class and she couldn't stop blushing. He was very tall, had a deep voice, and he just had this aura about him that she loved. Unfortunately there were three things in her way:
1. He was quite a few years older than her,
2. Her parents didn't approve of her dating and
3. Most of all, she "wasn't as attractive" as most of the girls that these boys nowadays are pining for.

He came and sat down in front of her, turned around and smiled. That's when she saw his glossy, marble-like brown eyes. It was like she was looking into a whole new world. She felt as if she has fallen into a trance; so distant that she hadn't noticed when he introduced himself and put out his hand for her to shake. She shook off all of the thoughts about him and just smiled and shook his hand.

Over a period of three months they developed a close friendship. So close, in fact, that any of the feeling that she had developed on that first day had dissipated and she found that she valued his friendship more than most. It was probably because he was a boy, so no drama had ensued between the two of them that would happen between girls. Besides that, he was older and was able to help out with homework and give simple advice about growing up. He was smart, kind and altogether a great friend. Then it all changed.

One of her friends overheard him tell his best friend that he was gonna ask her out. She panicked because she knew that she would have to reject him and that it would change the whole dynamic of their relationship. She sent out a friend to convince him not to do it, but she was too late. He asked her to not go on a date, but to be his girlfriend because he didn't need to learn anymore about her to know that he had fallen in love. She was close to tears because no one had ever said that to her. I mean, she was the type of girl that would get tagged in a "forever alone" Facebook pic. She swapped phone numbers with him and let him know that she was going to think about it. As soon as her mom got home she told her that someone asked her out. She didn't tell her what he said, who he was or (especially) how old he was. Even then her mom said no and told her to let him down easy. She sat there staring at her cell phone, trying to decide how to do this. Then she decided to wait til the next day.

When she arrived at school, she hesitantly walked over to the boy and asked to talk... in private. He said that anything that she had to say could be said in front of his friends. Although she tried to convince him otherwise, he was intent on staying where he was. Reluctantly, she told him that they couldn't be together, but right as she was going to explain why and everything, his friends started to cry... with laughter, and he was joining in. By then, she had a sick feeling inside; she knew what was happening.

He patted her on the back and said, "thank god, because I was feeling bad for you and thought you could need a boyfriend but I didn't quite want to be the one to do it." she couldn't believe it; I mean, he had just HUMILIATED her in front of everyone! Her eyes became glassy with tears and he saw it. He stopped laughing and started approaching her, but she slowly backed away. His demeanor softened instantly; almost like he hadn't realized what he did to her. Before running off, she looked him in the eyes and said, "do I really look like I need help?" She ran as fast as she could to the bathroom where she wept until the bell rang. At that point she got up, washed her face, and looked in the mirror, thinking to herself, "In this world of vanity and superficiality, do I even have a place?" and with that she went through the school day. The boy hadn't made any attempt to talk to her, but gave her guilty looks from across the way. At the end of the day, instead of sticking around to play basketball with his friends, like usual, he called for a ride as soon as he got out. Soon after then, his car approached the curb and he got in. That was the last day of school, and since he had transferred to another district that year, she never saw him again. Here's when life sometimes flips.

The next year, she was out of that school and into a homeschooling program. She decided to leave that school behind, as it promoted looks and money more than it did the importance of education. She put on some braces to fix her teeth, got a haircut and replaced her wardrobe; not for the people around her, but for herself. Her grades boosted tremendously and she got into extracurricular actives such as a Glee group, roller skating classes and a soccer camp. After a while, most of the drama associated with her old school vanished from her mind, so imagine her surprise when she got a text from an unfamiliar phone number:

"Hey Katrina, It's Chad. I know you probably hate me after what I did to you, but that's why I sent you this text; what I did that day was wrong, but I just couldn't believe that you rejected me. Instead of facing the possible humiliation, I flipped it over on you and now I've felt like I won't ever see you again, and you'll never know how I truly felt. Although you aren't like the others, you're one of a kind and I miss you. Please reply."

Imagine yourself in this situation; I mean, what would you do?
1. Feel so tickled pink that you'd forget everything that happened that day and you text him back saying, "aww, how sweet of you to send me this! Let's start over, okay???"
2. Express your hatred of him and tell him never to talk to you again,
3. Let him know that while you forgive him, you don't want anything to do with him, or
4. Ignore, block and delete?

I want you guys to vote in the poll to the right of this page and in one week, I will send out the continuation of this post so that you can see what I chose to do.


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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