Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Clarification for Snakes and Field Mice Alike

Ok Readers,

So of course Miranda and the snakes read my post because... well, they can't help themselves. I think that most of them got the point and some of the others were just way off the ball, and that's why this post has come into existence.

The purpose of my last post, as I said at the end of it, was not to put anyone on blast because at the end of the day, this blog is where I share my life experiences; therefore Mason, Saphania, Miranda and the Snakes just so happen to come into play because they are the ones that I have encountered so far in my school life. I mean, I had one of the girls that hangs out with Miranda (really sweet; her name is Rachel) come to me and apologize for anything that she may have done to hurt my feelings and she wanted to make sure that  didn't hate her. A misunderstanding like that makes me write these posts. Just like how I completely misunderstood ZZ Ward's music video making skills, right? Anyhow, I want to first commend Rachel; she is who I would concider a true Lowell Soldier. She was confident enough to go out of her way to make sure that 1. she didn't offend me and 2. that I didn't feel negatively against her. How much you wanna bet that Miranda and her snakes weren't fond of this idea? How much? I mean, Miranda was close by and I could literally SMELL the discontent, but you know what? I told Rachel just what needed to be said:

First of all, I have nothing bad to say about you. In fact, you are nothing like the snakes that I spoke about. You know why? Because you have a strong enough personality to make your own decisions about who you want relationships with and for what reason and I respect that. The snakes are the complete opposite and that's why they have had such a heated reaction to my post; they know who they are and so they are either ashamed for what they look like to everyone else who sees how they treat me and they just don't want to show it, or they are infuriated because it was so easy for me to find them out. You, on the other hand, knew that you didn't match the description of a snake and still apologized, and I respect that to the fullest. Now, as for hatred, I can't hate anyone. I mean, hey; I'm human. Of course I feel that fire in my belly sometimes and just want to release the anger, but I'm better than that. I am way too busy and I have too many goals to achieve this year to focus on something as hideous as hating on someone else. I leave that for the snakes and them who have nothing else to do but hate. They obviously don't have hobbies, they don't focus on their grades (and that's why many of them failed five out of 12 subjects last year), and they don't have the joys of having a life to keep them occupied, so I let them do their thing. I give them something to do, I mean, I feel bad for them. All in all, though, I am trying to promote a worldwide revolution, even if it's one girl per continent, that encourages the strength and assertiveness of females. The confidence to know that there's at least one other girl out there that is backing her up until the end. That imaginary "hand-in-hand" image where even in the most heated of battles, a girl can close her eyes and trust that the Lowell Militia is there for her. That's what I want more than anything right now. I swear, if you told me that I would have to give up every audition coming up now and in the future, give up my IPod, give up anything that I look forward to having just to have that dream come true, so be it. I would discard everything with a smile on my face, too. You know why? Because then someone else would find the strength inside of them to smile, too.

Now, snakes. Where did that name come from and how does it pertain to certain people? Well, here's the answer. We've been looking into American Independence in History (one of my favorite subjects) and certain things just clicked in my brain. Many bloggers relate to their readers as their nation just as the British colonies in America wanted to be seen as, right. Ok, well in order for changes to be made to make living fair for that nation, they needed to fight back against Britain. Sure they were small, but they built a militia with what the had and they stood confidently against the Red Coats and guess what? They won. Just like them, we are a rather small nation, but in order to break away from unfair situations, be it verbal or physical bullying, difficult people and any other "bullet" directed towards you, you need to be able to walk up to whatever it is, assert yourself and address the problem. There's no way to lose when you're handing your problems in a responsible, respectful yet firm way. Now, back to the snakes. The name made even more sense when I saw this:

I don't believe in war or anything, but when I saw this battle flag, it said a lot to me. It told me what the American Colonists were about and what we, as strong, respectable girls, are about as well; fighting back. Here's a little historic background for you failing history (LOL); the rattlesnake not only represents where the 13 American colonies were located in Northern America, but it was also a reminder to the British. Believe it or not, it was customary for the British to send down convicted criminals to America. Therefore, the American Colonists decided to be a little sassy and as a "thank you" for dragging down the worst of the worst to their colonies, they sent rattlesnakes to Britain. Funny, huh. Anyways, it symbolizes the persistence of the Americans in their fight for fairness within their colonies. Fortunately for them, by the end of the battle, Britain allowed them to be an independent nation altogether and now there lays America; one of the most powerful countries in the world. 

Well that was quite a history lesson, eh? At any rate, the snakes for me are the girls that are always being sent out to go against me, even when rather than sending back criminals, I send out positive vibes. They don't care and so I say, "Bring it on. I'm gonna win either way." 

In conclusion, I wrote this to make certain clarifications and I want to thank Rachel again for being brave enough to stand out and let me know of her concerns. Maybe we need a person like you to make a revolution of the snakes, LOL. But no, thanks again, really.

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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