Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When People Can't Act Their Age

Hey Guys,

So I've just encountered someone who just can't ever act their age; her name is Jordan. I mean, Jordan is constantly trying to get a rise out of me by acting obnoxious and disrespectful, saying things that are uncalled for and just acting without a conscience. I wouldn't say that it drives me bonkers or anything, but I find her quite amusing. Sometimes I wonder if her acting out is just her way of finding herself or trying to seem cool, but I just wish she'd see that it does the complete opposite.

I have a high tolerance level because I understand that I can be above certain things; that I'm not one to "stoop down" to lower levels and therefore when I've got grown teenagers like Jordan acting immature it reminds me of how mature I am. In fact, I watched a dog video on youtube where there's this rather large dog (lets say a German Shepherd for instance) laying down, being prestigious and minding his own big dog business and then all of a sudden this cute, little puppy (Chihuahua perhaps???) comes and jumps all over the big dog, barking and acting frisky. What does the German Shepherd do? Look down at him saying in his head, "boy, you CRAZYYY," and continues with his big dog business as usual.

Now, I'm not just bringing up dog videos because I just watched a compilation of them on YouTube, but I bought it up because just how that big dog acts is just how I act. He understands that the Chihuahua was just being a puppy and therefore doesn't respond. Like the German Shepherd then, I look right over Jordan knowing that hopefully one day she'll grow up, even if it's by force.

Imagine I called up Annabelle to say hi and see how her weekend has been and my conversation is rudely interrupted because why? She was at Jordan's house and knowing that I'm Not a big fan of her, Jordan yells, "HI KATRINA! HI KATRINA! HI KATRINA! HI KATRINA! HI KATRINA!" I ignored her and continued with my conversation because I understand that she can't help it. She heard that it was me and felt the need to disturb my conversation to act like a 3 year old, but even 3 year olds get ignored when they start acting unreasonable. At any rate, yeah, I continued and not too much later I hear a bunch of disturbance in the background and realized that maybe I shouldn't talk to Annabelle at that point in time because I was going to be constantly interrupted. I could have stooped to Jordan's level and yelled back, but instead, I told Annabelle, "You know what? I'll call you later when we can have a conversation like grown-ups." With that we ended the conversation and that was that.

Now, what I didn't like was that Annabelle felt the need to call me back to apologize for Jordan's actions. It just made me feel bad. Jordan and I don't have a good relationship, but I've resolved to stay respectful and carry on but Jordan just can't do the same and you know what? That's her prerogative. I feel good knowing that I'm doing the right thing and that's all that matters. At the end of the day, though, we are both close friends of Annabelle's and I feel like Jordan uses her for spite. I don't want to treat Jordan a certain way or say something about her with Annabelle there because I know that she cares for Jordan and that would in turn hurt her, but sometimes it is hard. Being the bigger person isn't always easy; it isn't. Sometimes the way that Jordan talks about Annabelle makes me feel like she doesn't really value Annabelle's friendship but rather uses it to get under my skin. It obviously isn't working, but that's besides the point.

I'm usually the one with all the answers, but that has got me puzzled. What do you do when you want to tell your friend that who they think is a friend might actually be a foe in disguise without hurting their feelings? I couldn't tell you... I mean, look. Jordan reads my blog and she has left quite a few comments and I see them and I throw them in the trash on a regular basis, however, one comment stood out to me. So after the whole post that introduced Annabelle, I got a comment from her saying, "Thanks for the information about Annabelle; It'll come in handy." I laughed, figuring it was just what a 3 year old with internet access would say, and ignored it. Afterwords, though, she kept getting closer and closer to Annabelle and now Jordan has taken it upon herself to join my group of friends because she's friends with Annabelle. Now that she's hanging around my group, she's therefore hanging around me. Now that she's hanging around me, she makes it her daily goal to be as annoying as possible and you know what? Challenge accepted. She can fool Annabelle and whomever else she wants to, but I'm in the know.

I haven't told Annabelle anything about the comment and whatever because I'm a good friend and once again, I'm being the bigger person. I don't want to make it seem like I'm giving her information because I want to pit her against Jordan or whatever, so I'll leave it alone. If it is what I think it is, Jordan's true intentions will come to fruition soon enough. If being friends with Jordan makes her happy, then I'm okay with it. I really do value Annabelle's friendship and if Jordan is truly her friend, then she wouldn't try to jeopardize that either.

If anyone's got tips on how I should move forward, please press the comment button below this post and let me know. Thanks for reading!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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