Monday, February 6, 2012

Just Thought I'd Vent...

You know, I truly feel that once in a while I need to vent to you guys about things that have really gotten under my skin; I mean, maybe you guys could relate. I know I've done it multiple times; it's sorta why I created this part of my blog called "Deep Thoughts with Katrina," but I don't really extend my full feelings on everything, so here is just a little add on to my Hate To Be Forward post.

So today after school, my dad went into the office to do something and I decided to go wet my throat with an ice cold drink from our vending machine, right? Anyhow, my brother was with me, so I decided to grab him a drink as well. So I go, put in my two dollars, and select my soda. Then I saw these guys looking at me in a suspicious way. Not that the way that they looked at me made me feel like they were up to no good, but they're just complete idiots who only look at you when:
(1) They're checking you out,
(2) They're bad talking you, or
(3) When they are purposefully trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

So anyhow, I bent down to get my soda when I heard one (let's call him "Mark") call my name. I turned around and he motioned for me to come over to him. I put up my index finger, signalling for him to wait a sec while I got my brother's soda and (what he didn't know) think about why the heck this obnoxious freak wants to talk to ME.

So reluctantly I walked over and he goes, "I hear you like me." ... I don't know if he could see the question marks and disgust exploding in my head at the moment, but if not, that was exactly what was going on. I mean, really? First of all, I'm still fairly new to the school, so I don't know you well enough to make that decision, second of all, who are you to feel that I would want anything to do with you? I mean, I'm an educated, beautiful girl and my standards are WAY to high for a dweeb like yourself... and lastly, why would you ask me that in front of everyone? It was obvious he was discussing this with his friends before I came over; that would explain their odd looks, but really? I shook my head and expressed my feelings of confusion and dislike of him and the question. 

Now, I'm not terrific at figuring people out, but as I said in my "Hate To Be Forward" post, sometimes this comment is a way for guys to ask out girls or make sure that they won't be brutally rejected if they want to ask out a girl, and that is exactly what he seemed to be trying to do. How do I know? Because when I gave him my response, he had this brief look of shock and disappointment before he went on to say, "okay good, please don't like me!" and laugh just to seem like a macho man in front of his friends. It was obviously his way of brushing me off and trying to embarrass me at the same time, but I knew the truth since he forgot that during my first month there, he showed his interest in me in more ways than one, but anyhow yeah; I just replied with a "no worries in that one, Mark" and walked away.

For the rest of the time that I was there, he watched me and tried acting cool, but besides the fact that he's an ugly, stupid jerk, I was completely turned off and just the sight of him irritated me. Plus, it's Monday, so the week has just begun and depending on if I've judged his personality right, he'll be giving me grief for it for the rest of the long week. Great!

Anyhow, yep, I just thought I'd vent and share that story bottled up inside of me...

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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