Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hate To Be Forward...

Why is it that guys are so comfortable with being so forward. I mean, sure you can tell that they are confident with themselves, but for girls like me, at least, they come across as a little too full of themselves and unnecessarily disgusting. Now, I'm not only writing this to get a "preach it!" in from the girls that follow me, but for the guys that tend to visit my blog once in a while. So here I go, starting with some of the worst forward comments you can get, some personal and some from my friend's texts.

1) Gurl, u look gud!- Excuse me? First of all, I've got a name, so address me as Katrina and even after that,  that's the worst way to describe a girl to her face OR through a text. It is possible to say this in a gentlemanly way. "Oh Katrina, you're really pretty today" could work, couldn't it. At least I feel a lot less like any other girl you like and more like an individual and instead rolling my eyes, saying, "dude, give me a break" I could give you a smile and say a polite "thank you."

2) Can I b ur 1st kiss?- NO you can't! Um, there are a few things to look at in this comment. First of all, how presumptuous are you to say that in kissing you you'd be my first. Sure with me that's true, I'm not gonna lie, but in complete honesty, you just don't ask that question; it's, just don't. Second of all, who are you to say that I would want your kiss? No way, dude. I don't care about any of my preferences at that time, whether I think you look like a god and my parents weren't all over me about dating or whatever, by asking me this question, not only have you been bumped to the bottom of my list, but you get an almost automated "no."

3) U want me 2 b ur boy?- Probably not if you just come out of the blue asking a stupid question like that. What am I supposed to say in that instance? "Sure, of course! You seem like such an amazing guys by asking me in such an arrogant tone." No; boys, you would most likely get a no. I'm not even a fan of a guy coming up to you and asking if you like them. That's just not okay. If a girl likes you enough and wants something to happen, then she'll tell you. Now if you want to ask her out on a date, this is a really bad way to do it as well. I know some guys that have gone up to my friends saying this to ask them out, but instead of being charming, they seem really pathetic and they also get a "no way."

4) Is it hot in here, or is it just you?- The all time favorite for idiots everywhere. That is one of the famous so called "pickup lines," but the only thing they pick up from me would be the dirt that I dish back out at them to make them feel shame. No, seriously, what does that even mean. Sure, it's like the first example, but it's just corny in more ways than one and besides, how do you expect a girl to respond? "Thank you?" Even that wouldn't work because it's more of a question than a compliment, right, so you either have to say yes or no and by saying yes you are implying that you are hot and you don't wanna seem vain and if you say no, you're saying that you aren't good looking, so that's just... yeah, it's one of those things you don't touch. As a girl, in being asked that I would roll my eyes and walk away. It doesn't even deserve a response.

5) What's your phone number? Facebook? E-mail address?- Come on now; when you guys ask us for all this stuff we feel like we're being interrogated rather than... well I don't even know what you guys hope to accomplish by saying this. I know that by giving you this stuff, you'll add me like all the other girls you ask and not EVER look at my contact again. Number one, that's just a waste of MY time as well as yours and number two, that's just unnecessary. Really... Besides that, what if I don't wan't you to have my information? I don't have a cell right now (ugh, I miss texting, gotta wait til' March when one from the states is brought back for me), so you'd have to call my house phone. My parents don't allow boys calling, so that would not go down well for me OR the party on the other end. In fact, I've vowed to one day have a guy "coincidentally" call me when my dad is home so that he could answer and get schooled by my dad. Oh the laughter that would be had :). I don't have a Facebook and e-mails are a funny thing. That just makes it easier to get really personal. I look at e-mailing as a modern, quick way of sending letters and in sending letters, you put a lot of stuff in it that you probably wouldn't do through text, although I've been using gmail as a texting device because I don't have a cell right now and I need to be able to talk to Tracy nonstop, LOL. But besides that, that would not be comfortable for me. All in all, I would usually, to be nice, make up an excuse like "I don't have a phone, e-mail, or a Facebook" which is partially the truth, right?

Those are only a few, and those are only the ones that barely even get you upset. They shouldn't actually, I mean I just brush it off, but I just had to blog this because I want you boys that read this to be more mindful of how they come across to the girls you are trying to swoon than how cool you think you sound. It's something that really should be made more public. You know how there are those really nice guys that know what to say and when to say it and yet we girls tend to prefer the boys that talk like the boys I've described above? Do I get it? No... But you good guys keep it up; we need more of ya'll in our society ;).

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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