Saturday, February 4, 2012

Need Some Backatage?

So tonight I performed at my uncle's show tonight featuring an open mic where there were lots of poets, rappers and singers, like myself. One in particular is one of my new favorite singers. Let's just call him "Wesley." So Wesley is a local star around here and I was really looking forward to watching him sing tonight. Besides that, I felt like a groupie because whenever I see him (and he's not that big, really. I mean, I saw him in the grocery store the other day and he said hi and whatever) I get that feeling that I imagine I would get if Demi Lovato were to cross my path. Anyhow, yeah, so I was really nervous to start off. I had practiced "Someone Like You" all day long and my throat was tired. I was so afraid that my voice was gonna crack that I drank olive oil and Lemon Water (the nastiest thing ever, btw) until I couldn't drink anymore. So before getting on stage, I was really, really anxious. My uncle had come and warned me that I was up next and I, honestly, wanted to disappear. Anyhow, he gave me a grand introduction and I walked on stage. I grabbed the mic and acted as casual as ever, even though Wesley was RIGHT THERE and all that was going through my head was "I can't screw up in front of one of my favorite singers, I just can't!" So that put even more stress on me. Anyhow I started talking to the crowd, going "Hello. How are ya'll? I'm Katrina, teenager from the States, and I'll be singing "Someone Like You." Now, originally this was going to be sung acapella, but then someone put up their hand. Wesley comes out of the crowd and goes "need some backatage?" That's obviously not a word, but that's not the point. Wesley, an amazing singer, wants to play piano for me... I thought I was going to faint, and then he started to play and I pushed the thought of him being right behind me to the side and focused on the words, the audience and not messing up. By the time I knew it, I was done, Wesley had walked off stage, I was given a HUGE applause, and my uncle came and gave me a big congrats. I couldn't stop freaking out at the fact that I had just performed with someone of whom I'm sure is going to become extremely famous within the next two years. Now, the show ended at 11, and all the performers were socializing and whatever, so I went to say thanks to my uncle before I left and yadda yadda. I had meant to tell Wesley thanks as well, but I was so starstruck that I wanted to sort of duck out unnoticed before I embarrassed myself, but of course, my uncle has to say; "Hold on Kat. WESLEY!" Oh my goshness! So he walks over and my uncle formally introduces us and we shake hands and all. My uncle cracked a joke saying "Wesley, you are so honored to play with a superstar such as Katrina, aren't you?" and he goes, "I know!; you were awesome, Katrina, you really were" in his European accent that I had just noticed. We laughed and I thanked Wesley for his "Backatage" and was ready to leave, feeling pretty cool and professional, but than my mom comes going, "Oh hi Wesley. We say your new music video; loved it..." From that point I zoned out because I was just like "dude, I just had an amazing little convo with my awesome uncle and one of the best singers ever and you just had to butt in. Thanks..." LOL, but I love my mom's naive interruptions; they make her unique. Well not really, I mean I guess it's what moms do, right?

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share that with you guys. Just in case "Wesley" ever reads this, thanks again, you really made my night! I <3 your new song so much; literally watched the music video so many times I think it branded my eyeballs :P. Anyhow, I hope to see you next week; I think I'm scheduling to sing again next Saturday, this time with TWO songs instead of one, so that should be fun. Your voice is SO amazing and your words today really inspired me to keep going, so thanks for that, too. Tell your group that ya'll were AMAZING tonight and next time to do "Slippers and Socks"; classic. I know that this has been about the millionth time, but I can't thank you enough; it meant a lot and I really appreciate it :)

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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