Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ladies Night!!!

Hey, so last night me and my girls had such an epic hang out. Now this is my first hang out here on the Island, but I never thought that it would be so much better than an American one. I mean, my gosh. There were only three of us; Tracy (as you might remember from my "You Does Know How To Wukk Up" post), Adena, and myself. So we were there with our mp3 players and our bathing suits. So first, we danced around Tracy's room to all sorts of rap and hip hop songs, then we took some friend pics that we were fussing over, and then we went to the pool. This was where we were for most of our time. It was 8 o'clock and we were in the pool just playing around. We saw like five frogs, a couple bats (I know, eww), and a cockroach that was swimming in the pool with us (double eww). Anyhow, at that moment, with us just kidding around in the pool at night by ourselves, I truly felt... old. I mean, my parents aren't the type to allow me to go to parties or whatever like most of the other girls my age are allowed to do, and they do every Friday, so while this wasn't quite as... exciting as a real party might have been, I had lots of fun being a teenage girl. I would love to do that every Friday night, actually, but I really felt bad for Tracy's dad, who had to deal with three teenage girls who were screaming and blaring music for four hours and some. So yeah, it'll happen often, hopefully, but maybe next time at my house. But yeah, ladies night was really fun. I actually got to forget about how homesick I've been lately, or about how overwhelmed I've been at school, or even how sick I am of hotel food. Some quality time with my friends was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, all of that screaming has left me with a sore throat, but I guess everything comes with a price, right. Well, I gotta go and take a nap. That whole "sha-bang" ended at close to 10, after a long day, so now I'm even more tired. I hope to get to you guys again later this week! Happy Blogging!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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