Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To Smile

To smile you have to feel something.
Something funny or happy
Something beautiful
or so gruesome
that it makes you laugh from everyone's reaction around you.
You can laugh at an expression
or a stupid saying or song.
Then when you see or feel
the corners of your mouth slowly rise.
Your teeth might show.
Your gums might too.
Your lips might curl up and you might laugh at the same time.
Guys might stop and pull a Bruno Mars
And sing "and when you smile the whole world stops and stares for awhile."
or they might just stop and stare.
Anyway to smile just think about some thing
Then just let your mouth curl up
and grin!

-Amber White

Now, in the midst of not blogging myself, I forgot to post up some more of my BFFL's poems (shame on me), and to top it off, the website that she posts them on wasn't allowing me to see them without having a log in, so I pretty much cracked her code and all (don't tell her), but I found this, which is her newest. I liked it because it shows how talented she is in her portrayal of feeling. I'm no poet, so don't expect me to use any other fancy, artistic words, so it was...nice. Love ya, Amber!

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