Friday, November 23, 2012

Trying To Get "Katrina" Back

Hey guys,

You can't believe how bad I feel for not blogging in so long, and once again, I've got excuses:
1. I was moving and so I even missed school because it was so hectic,
2. I'm settling in, so I spend a lot of time hanging around, checking things out,
3. I've been drowning in school work,
4. And I haven't been feeling myself recently.

I can't tell what it is, but I'm not feeling too peachy. I've been feeling extremely down and out and just completely and utterly helpless these last few weeks. I just hope I can get back into my groove soon because its affecting everything; my "friends" have left me in the dark, my ambition for school is wavering and as for how I feel about it, I just don't know. When I get home from school, I just feel kind of depressed, almost. I try to cheer myself up by playing with Waffle or taking a dip in my new house's 12- foot pool (I know! It's sooo deep and scary sometimes) but it just doesn't work all the time. I think what's worse is that I don't have anyone really that I can trust as a close friend to vent to since all of my "besties" have abandoned me and Amber's halfway across the globe.Therefore, I turn to you guys.

Lying here in the car, blogging and relaxing has actually reminded me how therapeutic this is; no, but seriously! Maybe this has been the missing link in my daily schedule. I mean, it's easy to say, "yeah- a post a day; got it!" But with a life like mine, I can never decide when to get it done.

Although I've got a lot on my plate, the feeling of seeing all of my readers actually hearing me makes me feel really proud of myself and it encourages me to do more. I promise that you guys are in my mind everyday and not a lack of desire, but a lack of time and place causes my extended periods of outdated posts on this blog.

I love you guys like sisters and even though I've been feeling like crap, I'm part of the Lowell Militia and we never back down.

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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