Friday, June 15, 2012

You Must Really Love Conflict...

Hey guys,

So I am sorta feeling like a file of garbage after taking my own advice which is... horrible. As you all know, I take that Martin Luther King Jr. stance with the whole "Let's just all be friends" and just like him... I get shot.

So we all know Miranda, the one that I speak about in the "Opposition" posts. Anyhow, yeah, she's still with her foolish ways, cursing me often, giving me nasty looks, saying despicable things to and about me on the internet, you know; the whole sha-bang. So what do I do after I'm just about ready to strangle her? I try to kill her with kindness, ye good old trick, eh? WRONG!

So here's how I went about it; It's End of year exam time and I'm stressed, anxious, tired and quite flustered and in the midst of it all, I have little miss Miranda on my case everyday and with my patience so thin, I decided to write her a note, the only way I've been able to reason with this chick. Now, if you can remember, the last time she showed everyone the little note that I gave her, so this time, I made it general so that even her friends can get the message. It simply said "Miranda, I am sick and tired of the conflict. It's getting old and it's just really unnecessary. I'm letting you know right now that My 'white flag' is up and I don't want any more conflict, and I hope you'll join in too." Short, Sweet, Simple; the three S's needed in this note. And I felt good about it afterwords, like a load taken off of me. To my surprise, the rest of the day was peaceful. She had seemed to taken the note to heart and she even told her friends that it was a nice note and all that other stuff. Okay, no more trouble, right? WRONG (again)!!!

So when I get home, I happen to check my e-mail and I get an e-mail from Mr. Miranda's Dad saying, through me, that he was angered by my communication with Miranda since my mother ordered that Miranda discontinue her interactions with me. he also took the note as a friendship request, after Miranda had already offered to be my friend earlier up and I refused; look, this isn't Facebook, first of all and second of all, I don't want anything to do with your child sir! His daughter lies to him every day. In fact, I have proof that she had NOT in fact asked for my friendship. Instead she sent my cousin a message on Facebook, saying that she didn't want anything to do with me or my "people". How bout that for a friend request? Anyhow, yes, so he finished it off with a line that was extremely selfish, in my eyes. He goes, "I want Katrina to refrain from any further communication as this new note has caused great distress to the family." Now, with that statement, you'd swear I was lying about what was on that note, but I swear to the big guy upstairs that what I placed above was everything on that note. Can you believe it? Now the selfishness that I see is this: By your daughter causing me great grief every day by teasing me and being a complete bully, it has caused MY family great distress, so try again sir. You don't understand how hard it is to hear such nasty things said about you every day like a recording. It makes you lose self confidence, hurts your heart, and is just plain cruel. So Mr. Miranda's dad, don't have such tunnel vision and understand what your daughter is doing to my family, okay?

So moving on, after getting that message from her dad, I felt disrespected and just filled with that burden I thought I had left behind. I went straight to my teacher, Mr. Perry, the next day and explained my dilemma. Apparently the same e-mail was sent to him and so he decided to call in a meeting with Miranda and me the next morning. So I decided to walk in with evidence; my cousin sent me a screenshot of the message that Miranda had sent her. If I could just show one of her lies, I was sure the rest would fall in line.

The next morning, we sat in the classroom and Miranda explained to Mr. Perry a very messed up version of what happened, saying that she felt insulted by the letter and that she was upset because my mother had implemented the whole "no talking" thing and yet the note came about. To that I said "My mother isn't crazy, Mr. Perry. My mom came in and saw a disgusting e-mail sent to me from Ms. Miranda and proceeded to reply to it by saying that her NEGATIVE remarks need to be kept to herself and that Miranda should refrain from corresponding with me due to her behavior. And the only reason I had to write the note was because her father obviously wasn't doing a good job of handling his child and I couldn't wait for him to set things straight, so I did it myself." From there, Mr. Perry read the note and found NOTHING wrong with it. So then I decided to address the whole "friendship" claim and I allowed her to explain when and how she proposed this. She didn't know that I had my evidence, so I stopped her in the middle of her lie and showed Mr. Perry the screenshot. She was shocked to say the least, and she didn't even bother to try and cover up her lie.

Anyhow, Mr. Perry completed the conversation by saying that we are to not look at one another, talk to or about one another, etc. Can you believe that as he leaves, she says a stupid remark and curses me, so I got mad; almost crazy. I walked up to her face and I said, "If I'm causing your family so much distress, why are you talking to me, right after a teacher even instructed you not to. I no longer have any regard for you and if you even breathe to hard in my direction, child, I will report you to the principal of this school, do you hear me?" She rolled her eyes, but it obviously got to her because she shut up. This passive aggressive behavior began afterwords until about yesterday. Now this is why I think that she's bipolar.

Yesterday, we had a home economics test where we needed to prepare meals, so we did our little thing, blah blah blah, and then Miranda starts cracking jokes with me, giving me whipped cream, sharing food, smiling, being cheerful, a lot like when we were friends and I was... pissed off. After getting me in trouble with not only Mr. Perry for attempting to making things easier for everyone, but also getting me in trouble with your family, causing me strife at school, lying till your brain hurts, you wanna be all buddy-buddy? Absolutely not. I am actually going to march into the classroom on Monday and ask Mr. Perry is this agreement that we had made only applies to when Miranda is in a good mood, because she's just so ridiculous. In an effort to ruin my day, she goes and makes a big deal out of something that was completely in the right and then now that that's over, you want to follow the agreement of the note? I just don't get it.

Ugh... I just chalked it up to the fact that she must really love conflict...

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell

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