Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare?

Hey guys,

So today I just felt compelled to talk about dreams. I have had dreams all my life, every night, every nap, everything. I've just summed up that I have a hyperactive brain, even when I'm sleeping. Let's go deeper into a few types of dreams:

1. The crying dreams- My earliest dream memories are from when I was in pre-school, so about three or four. I remembered having a lot of bad dreams, be it about ninjas in the dark, or aliens abducting my grandmother, or even some of the tyrants at my pre-school hurting my feelings. In all of these, I can remember crying in the dream and each time, without a fail, my dad would wake me up, telling me that it's just a dream and to stop crying. Yep, I was actually crying every time. I would then have to go wipe off my face and try to emotionally settle down. I hated it; I mean, sure those dreams sound pathetic, but believe it or not, those were reoccurring, like three times a week. That's why they are still so fresh in my mind today and that's also why it was so scary for me back then, being so small and having to deal with this so often.

2. The running dreams- Now anytime I'm in a dream where I need to run, I just pinch myself and immediately wake myself up (yes, I can wake myself up from dreams; certain ones). Anyhow, the problem with my running dreams are that I can never go anywhere. It's almost like I'm running in place and then... I get killed and wake up anyway, so to spare myself the emotional distress, I wake myself up from early on. I wonder why most people cant run in their dreams. In fact, I just looked it up and they said something that makes a lot of sense. For one, your brain only commutes things that it has seen, smelled, touched, done, etc. That's why you can't die in a dream; you body doesn't know what it feels like. Also, you can't run fast because while you're sleeping, your brain puts your body into something called "sleep paralysis" and therefore it prevents you from getting up and operating (sleep walkers fail to complete sleep paralysis) and therefore, your body cant move in real life, so it can't always move fast in your dream; your body just doesn't work like that. Wow, lot's of scientific explanation for what I had always thought wasn't explainable.

3. The short fall dreams- I get these probably once a month and I hate it. Usually when I'm really tired and I start to slip away, maybe semi conscious, I start to dream that I'm either walking or riding a bike, or something peaceful and normal and then I fall sideways and end up in my bed, laying sideways. Not a huge problem, except for the fact that my heart starts to get this strange feeling when it does this, almost like the feeling you get if you are falling on the Tower of Terror in Disneyland, but a lot less... happy.

4. The movie dreams- these are the less exciting ones because instead of being in your dream, you watch yourself do things, like in a movie. I've watched myself beat up robbers, eat ice cream with friends, go on an awesome bike, and some other strange imaginative things like riding a rainbow horse on a giant scientific balance and jumping off and discovering that Snoop Dogg is my father... yep, some pretty weird dreams...

5. The black and white dreams- Have you ever had a dream in black and white? It's almost as if you are laying there, daydreaming, but you'e actually in full fledged sleep. I don't like them because they just tend to be boring and confusing. Ugh, gross...

6. The math dreams- I think that the weirdest math dream that I have ever had was one where when I woke up, my hands were in the air, commuting a math problem and I couldn't stop them. I felt like a nut ball. You see why now people feel like they've got alien brains and all sorts of oddities? Anyhow, yeah, these are the dullest of all, to me. I just typically sit or stand in front a board and do math problems for hours on end. Hate it, plus it makes me wake up feeling like a loser :(.

7. The love dreams- You'd think that by being a girl I should love to fall in love in my dream and run off into the sunset. I don't. I mean, the first time I had a love dream was when I was ten and it became my obsession. I started trying to draw his face and I spelled his name over everything and I named him my "dream guy." Yes, I know, but really. I think that it's just like soap operas and fan fiction; the fake things that play with your emotions and make you believe that certain things should or could happen when usually, they are very far from reality. I just like things in my life being very... normal and realistic.

8. The beating dreams- I had one of these on Wednesday night, dreaming about a girl at my school that was a complete butt hole to me the day before and I dreamed that I was in my classroom, tapped on her shoulder and then just landed a punch straight in her jaw and in her stomach, just beating the daylights out of this girl. Now sure, I felt like a disgusting person, since it was almost like fantasizing about beating someone till they bleed profusely, but it made me feel better the next day and when I saw her, I was able to ignore her and feel normal instead of having pent up anger.

9. The sleepwalking dreams-This is the last dream that I'm covering for the day. Anyhow, yes, when I was smaller, I was an active sleepwalker. I was known for sleepwalking to the dining table or using the bathroom or just anything, but the biggest one was when I left my apartment. I had a dream that my aunt (who was living with us at the time) asked me to take my little brother's diaper out to the dump, so I did and when I went to come back inside, the door was locked, so I stated to beat at the door and cry hysterically because I sensed a monster approaching when in reality, I was whimpering and not hitting the door at all. My mother said that she was sleeping in the living room (relatively close to the door) and she heard a little girl crying, so she looked out of her peephole and saw me standing there. I don't even remember getting inside because when my mom took me inside and was talking to me, I was still very much asleep, in a sort of walking nightmare. She was so scared after that, but none more than me. I was horrified of what could have happened to me and what would have happened if my mom didn't open the door.

Anyhow, I hope you guys each have sweet dreams tonight; I'm sure I will :) Goodnight!

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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