Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beautiful- Chapter 7

"Pistachio is so disgusting. I don't even get why someone would even think of creating it far less eating it." I looked at Brey with disgust as he took a big lick of his Strawberry-Pistachio ice cream combination. "It tastes amazing, by the way. It's not my fault your so simple; Chocolate and Vanilla. So exciting!" He waved his hands sarcastically and his ice cream nearly fell off the cone. "Woah, that would have been depressing..."

We made our way to the park swings and sat down, swaying like five year olds. We were the only people at the park so late and the ice cream trolley had left right after his last customers; us. We sat there quietly at first, eating our desert and looking up into the sky. "Did you see the big dipper tonight. It's right there, see?" Brey was pointing up into the sky at a cluster of stars. "Don't even try to explain those things to me; I can never see them." He laughed and resumed eating his "Disgrace on a Cone" as I like to call it. We sat on the swings until the ice cream started to melt and make our fingers sticky. We promptly threw them away and watched our hands in the water faucet. On our way back to the swings, Brey ran and sat on top of the shaded play structure.

"What are you doing?" I called.
" What are you doing? Come up here with me!" I hesitated, but ran up anyways. "It's getting kinda late so-"
"Just 15 more minutes is cool?" I thought about it and eventually gave in. We sat down, crossing our legs and resting our backs on the play structure walls. "So I told you quite a lot about me; tell me about you."
"Well, where do I start? My dad's a cop, my mom runs her own spa company called "Lowell's Luxury Spa." I  gave the name a little spark when I said it to make it seem more special than it actually was. Brey looked deep into my eyes.
"But tell me about Katrina, herself. For instance, whose your best friend?"
"Van; she hates when you call her Vanessa, so don't. Anyhow, yep I love her and I hate her boyfriend. He's just a jerk and I feel he's really shady, you know. It can't be a coincidence that after I turned him down, he runs after my best friend, don't you think?"
Brey thought about it; "Does Van know?" I shook my head.
"I didn't have the heart to tell her, I mean, he seems as though he likes her, so maybe I'm just paranoid or something..." I shrugged and looked into Brey's eyes, noticing again how brilliantly dark brown they were. As if thinking the same thing, Brey said "I love your eyes, by the way. They're really pretty." I smiled;
"Thanks, yours to."

So after that awkward moment, Brey starts talking about sports and all sorts of things, but I zoned out. At this point I realized how much I liked him, and it was terrible. Usually I don't leap at guys so suddenly, but something about him. Was it his eyes, his talent, his honesty? Whatever it was, it was attacking my "hard core" heart more than anything. I zoned back into the conversation when he said, "You know, you're pretty cool, Kat. I can tell we'll be really good friends out here." I smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear, trying to not look disappointed at his "friends" comment. Unfortunately I guess it shined through anyway.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, just the ice cream working its magic in my lactose intolerant stomach." I chuckled making it seem casual. Just then, Brey got up and held out his hand. I looked up at him as he gave me a semi-shy smile. "Come on. Let me try and show you a couple more constellations before you have to get home." I grabbed his hand and lifted myself up. To my surprise he didn't let go; we walked hand in hand to the middle of the park field where we stood, looking into the star-dotted sky.

"You see that one there, that one's a bear, and that's this Greek dude's belt, they say. Oh, and the big dipper is still there. You see? The North star and then if you follow that-"
"How do you know so much about these things?" He dropped his gaze down from the sky and cleared his throat.
"Well, my dad used to take me somewhere out into the wilderness every Saturday night. We'd set up camp, roast marshmallows, make hot dogs on sticks, you know; the traditional american father-son duo activities. I remember when I was about four or five him just spending hours showing me the stars and telling their stories 'til I fell asleep. It's the only thing I truly hold close about my dad; the only thing I don't hate." Then he smiled at me and I smiled back, feeling safe in the night's cool air, with my hands nestled into his. The next thing I knew, he was bending down, his face getting closer to mine. I didn't quite know what to expect, so I just went with the flow, closing my eyes until he finally did kiss me, but he didn't. Instead, the sound of the Mario Brothers theme song sounded in the dark, quiet night; Brey's ring tone. I opened my eyes as he cursed under his breath. Then he held his head, uttering to himself, "ugh, it's Danielle." Just then, I remembered that Brey had a girlfriend back up in Michigan. I felt so bad; a mixture of guilt, misfortune, and, quite frankly, a little hurt. Brey trailed off a little, rubbing the back of his head. I felt the hot tears of the overwhelming situation fill my eyes as I stood there.

"Yeah, hey babe. It's cool, yeah... Yeah, I miss you too... I don't know when I'm coming back down, hopefully soon... yeah, hey listen, my mom's calling me to do the dishes, but I'll call you back right after. Okay, no prob... Love you too." Brey clicked off the phone and turned back to me. By then my fists were balled and my anger started to swell up in me; a feeling I knew too well. Brey saw it and came towards me.
"Hey, look, I'm really sor-"
"Oh, so you're sorry? Okay, so that makes everything okay? You can't just come up here and play with my feelings, Brey. I honestly don't even know why I came up here with you; after all, it seems like I don't even know you." I started off, but Brey followed me, turning me around."
" Katrina, look, I really like you. I just, you know, my girl and I are sorta... dysfunctional and then you came along and- and I don't know. You made me feel..."
"Important?" I cut him off mid sentence, swiping his hand off of my shoulder. "Cared about? Accepted? Well so did I but one thing that I demand more than all of that is respect, Brey." I stormed off, wiping away the tears that had poured down my face. How could I have been so stupid?
"Katrina, can I at least walk you home?" I turned around for the last time.
"No Brey, I'm quite capable of making it home BY MYSELF. In fact, I don't even think you and I should continue being friends. Maybe that'll be good for me, you and Danielle."
As I got down to my home stretch, I felt beaten up and tired, and to top it off, neither my mom's nor my dad's car was in the driveway, meaning no cooked food, no ironed clothes, no nothing. Back to manual work, and on all nights, this one. Terrific. 

My cell phone ringed and I saw that it was Van. I picked up, expecting to hear something about Tony or someone stupid like that. 
"Hello Van. How can I help you?" I answered in a grumbled tone.
"You were supposed to come over tonight, but instead I heard you trailed off to the park with lover boy."
"Lover boy? Not at all Van..."
"Oh, really? Hahaha, come on.You're in love with this kid. And it's sorta obvious he cant keep his eyes off of you, either."
"One would think," I replied, remembering the events of that night. Just then I got another call, this time from Brey. I didn't remember giving him my phone number, but then again, I didn't remember a lot of things about the night. "Hey Van, I'll talk to you tomorrow." I quickly answered my other call on the line. "What do you want?"
"I wan't to apologize to you, Kat. I really hurt you tonight and I hate myself for it." I laughed within myself. 
"Good; you should feel bad. And anyways, I don't care, let's just drop it. Now, unfortunately, I will see you tomorrow, Kay?"
"Katrina, wait. I want to see you tonight, tell you in person how sorry I am." I looked around the room, uncertain of what to say. "Brey, talk to me tomorrow. I don't really feel like seeing anyone tonight."
"Too late..." Just then the line went silent and the doorbell rang.


Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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