Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Been A While...

Hey guys,

Please don't hate me, lol. I know it's been MONTHS and MONTHS since I've even looked at this blog but when I tell you that the last term of my school year is LIVING HELL, It's an understatement. Between the 15 exams that I took in a 2 week period and trying to study for them and prepare for a trip as well as the possibility of switching schools, my body and mind was just fried. One night, I was up the whole night studying for my math exam and so I drank about 3-4 16 oz cups of coffee. Last year, for my Food and Nutrition exam, I drank 6 cups of coffee, but I don't know if maybe this year I made it too strong or what, but it destroyed me. Plus, the creamer that I used made me feel really sick afterwords. So by the time I decided to have an hour's nap before heading off to school, my hand was trembling and I kept hearing math rules and equations in my head. Yeah, sure I fell asleep, but it took me forever. Plus, when I got up, I was a hundred times worse. My body was so exhausted that it kinda fell asleep, but the excess amount of coffee in my system held it up. I don't know if you've ever watched "Ratatouille", but if you have, just kinda imagine that scene where Alfredo was sleeping, but Remy, the rat, was moving his body around to do all the stuff it needed to get done. I was dead. In fact, when the test began and I had to write my name, my hand was still shaking because the caffeine had my body on edge, so I had to go through the test very slowly so that I could make sure that my handwriting and drawings were neat.

It was a hell-ish kind of day, but you know what? It paid off because a friend from the island messaged me (because I went on early vacation here in AMERICA! YAY!) and told me that I beat the whole class with a "90- something" as she said... Made my day. You know, it's funny how times like that pay off though. As soon as I finished exams, I was on a plane back to my homeland to spend a month in paradise. I'm here, went shopping and got some really cute clothes (I'll talk about that in another post), my first personal laptop and I'm gonna get to spend time with some old friends. It's rewards like these that keep me going when the times get tough...

Anyhow, yeah so I'm back and I have NO excuses this time because I'm off for two months so I should be up-to-date for a long while. Oh! And I am sooooo very proud to announce that Miss Amber Sabrina White, my bestest friend in the wholewide world, has created a blog of her own. I'd love you guys to give her some support and check it out. I love it- it's very frank and spunky. It's called "Confessions (and advice) From A REAL Teenage Girl" and the web address is Go on and check it out! I'm really happy for her and I know she's gonna be amazing :)

Well, I'd like to move on and make some more posts now- maybe even a "Beautiful" chapter, huh? Yeah so I will end this post right about here, thank you guys for your support even though I NEVER POST ANYTHING and sign off the same old Katrina way, lol...

Love Always <3,
Katrina Lowell
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